2023 NEW to your garden / orchard this year?

I made elderberry shrub from local native berries, years ago. stuff is still so good when you got the ick, I miss out with a little honey and lemon and heat it up to drink.

might be placebo but if it works it works.

don’t know if you’d make or use shrub but it holds and stays good for maybe a decade from what I know. ACV, mashed berries, steep it forever then strain the solids out. it’s real acidic to drink on its own but it’s meant to be medicine

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I got miniature arctic babe, necta zee nectarine, necta babe sol dorado and all in one almond from Bay Laurel yesterday. All were living because they were already coming out of dormancy. I presume the flowers will be frozen off this year but there is always next year. Small plants but very thick compared to what I am used to. The rest of my miniature nectarine/peach series is coming from One Green World. Just likely have just bundled for a bigger discount but whatever. To edit here are some pictures of the genetic dwarf nectarines from Bay Laurel.

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try mulching them heavily. they have shallow roots. the mulch holds moisture much better and they grow like weeds. i never water my elders. only the day i plant. i mulch 4in deep by 2ft. replenish every spring.

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I honestly just buy my elderberry supplements. I rarely get sick but when I do find elderberry helps. I can get a jar of elderberry gummies from Costco for pretty cheap and it will last for years in my eyes though. If I am sick I typically don’t feel like making a concoction of something.

Today, I planted a Harcot apricot from Bay Laurel Nursery, on Citation rootstock.

I’m using Harcot as a canker resistant base tree to graft other varieties on to.

I treated the roots with Nogall prior to planting. Fingers crossed.


New to my greenhouse this year: sugarcane!

I have six sticks rooting, most of them are starting to sprout after a few weeks on the heating pad:

The variety is “Purple Ribbon” from Green Planet Farm, which they describe this way:

Ribbon cane is an old heirloom from the southern states. It gets its name from the stripes of red/purple and green on the internodes. Or maybe it was so good it won a blue ribbon in a contest? I have seen and grow multiple varieties of ribbon cane. One of them I call ‘Purple Ribbon’ has a waxy powder coating on internodes. It makes really good cane syrup and is soft and easy to chew also. It is probably 1 degree Fahrenheit hardier than ‘Home Green’ as witnessed in a November freeze in North Florida. It is a great variety for chewing and syrup making. This type is more of a vigorous grower compared to other striped canes.

If they manage to overwinter in the greenhouse next winter, they will get a permanent spot against the north wall, where the dragonfruit have failed (too cold in winter).


My favorite mulberry. So good that I did a second graft this year.


You give me an idea to graft it over to Pakistan Mulberry.


I ordered arctic babe and nectazee from raintree. Have not gotten them yet, but excited to see if I can get some fruit from container trees.

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Besides the new Polonais apricot, I am now waiting to take delivery of a bareroot
double Ù espalier 5 year old Granny Smith apple. I cannot wait to see it.


I am hoping for that too. Given how small the root systems are and it is flowering I think that is a good sign.

Black raspberries gifted to me by a crazy pawpaw grower.

Pluerry. I got a candy heart, and on @Vincent_8B suggestion got a sweet treat that should be more reliable.

Pawpaw trees. Need I say anymore.

Cosmic crisp apple. It’s the start of 3rd grow season so not new. Just looking for some apples now.

I also plan to have a jujube tree soon any day. Thinking Li or honeypot. Raintree still has some in stock as well as restoring Eden.


High hopes for the new 2023 fruit.

I went with
1 jiro persimmon
1 prairie star persimmon
4 seaberry each a different variety
1 arctic jay nectarine
1 sweet heart cherry
1 ayers pear
1 flavor king pluot
1 dapple dandy pluot
1 green gage plum
1 au rubrum plum
1 mango paw paw
1 wabash paw paw
Several new grapes, currants, elderberry, and lingonberries.

I’m kinda all over the place mainly trying new fruit I’ve yet to taste or really even see in person. The paw paws, persimmons, and figs are all completely new to me so hoping i get to enjoy them. Planted an olympia and VDB fig last year.

Happy to hear any experiences with what I listed, they are all new varieties for me.


This should be the end of my New Stuff added for this year… not counting a bunch of apple and persimmon grafts i am adding when the time is right.

Note to self… planted

2 Purple Royalty
2 Joan J
4 Bristol blacks in that row.

Tomato cages on top for the night to hopefully make sure nothing messes with them. I will get them mulched good soon.


I headed back my two Apriums.

There’s going to be a Shiro, Flavor Queen and Flavor Grenade in a row with them as a prunus hedge of sorts. Those are coming from Adam’s County Nursery whenever they start shipping to the Philly suburbs.


No pictures but I grafted 5 Apple scions recently. William’s Pride, Gold Rush, Arkansas Black, King David, and Winter Banana. The buds look are swelling a little after the rain so who knows. But I have faith that they are working.


Five fig cuttings, I’m bringing them out in slightly more sunny area. I also add more holes for drainage. Today I finally gave them some water, not much but not a small tablespoon anymore. They are in my peony bed and they are very much like peonies, they don’t like too much water.

White Madeira No1
Noir De Barbentane
Unk Pastiliere
Hartive de Argenteuil
Adriatic JH.


Almost done with this garden bed (& paths around it) for raspberries - Anne, Caroline, Heritage, Autumn Britten and Jaclyn:

Getting 3 Chicago Hardy fig trees and some peach trees (which type they will be is unknown as of yet - they are a gift from a friend who has access to leftover trees from a local grower who ordered more than they can plant)


Another 3 fig cuttings I’m bringing out of the shade, this area only has morning sun, shady in the afternoon, I also gave them a bit of my rain water.

Black Madeira
Col De Dame Noir
Grosse Monstreuse de Lipari


I-258, I’m going to dig around this area and move to a pot, dirt and all, in late June. I just dipped this in root hormone and stuck to the ground, this variety is quite vigorous.