2024 NEW to your Garden/Orchard this year?

I ordered 3 Kiowa blackberries from isons today…

I keep thinking i am done this year… surly this will be the last.

New trees for my yard this year arriving soon:

  1. Parfianka pomegranate - will be potted
  2. Pixie cot apricot - will be potted
  3. Vandalay cherry
  4. Spice zee nectaplum- likely going to need to use synthetic spray for this based off what I hear.

new: green gage, egg plum grafts. little yellow pear graft.

replacement honey jar jujube and harrow delight bare root.

rose campion, grey poppies. and a slew of veg yet to go in. I’m late on my cabbages and peas and radish already, here, I think. they’re all just now seeded, or starts a week or so old.

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Duchess D’Angouleme

Spring Satin plumcot


Finally got my hands on Lucy Glo from One Green World. Not the most impressive roots, but this will do. It’s just to the right of the shovel.

First I ground this stump out of the way, so I wouldn’t have to work around or risk damaging the trees that get planted:


Are you planting at your current home, or the site for your future home?

Hey Jafar, I had to look that one up. This description it cracked me up. But yeah now I’m thinking I should graft my neighbors tree with one.

New to my garden are 2 avocados, 3 blueberries and 4 pomegranate. Different varieties. I’ll probably remember more after I hit the reply button.

I planted pineapple guava Kakariki and Kaiteri after read some good reviews about these varieties: large fruit size, tasty and early ripen, etc. Hopefully they fruit soon

Flavor delight aprium. I already planted cotton-n-candy aprium and it tastes great. So I add another aprium this year.

4 in 1 pluots (splash, emerald drop, flavor grenade and geo pride). I like pluot and have planted three pluots trees in my backyard. I’m out of space now so bought a multi graft tree instead of multiple trees.

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It’s patented, so probably better to keep your plan to yourself :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah I forgot about those. Maybe one day I can grow a small tree then. Thanks!

@AndySmith all new stuff is being planted at the new home site now.

I have started clearing land for the future new home. Got 100 or more oak, hickory, sourwood and cedars cut… going to make firewood out of most of that.

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Got my new Cardinal persimmon planted in ground today.

Think that is a chip bud graft.

I loaded that hole with lots of compost… hopefully it grows well.