2024 NEW to your Garden/Orchard this year?

What NEW things are you adding to your Garden, Orchard, Food Forest this year ?

Descriptions, Photo’s welcome.

For me so far (and I should be about done, deciding, ordering, etc) new things I have or plan to add this year.

New Fruit trees, Canes, vines, bush
Blackberries - Caddo, Kiowa
Asian Persimmon - Cardinal
Medlar - Royal
Muscadine - Isons, Oh My
Mulberry - Oscar
Crandall Clove Currant

Adding by graft to rootstock
American Persimmon - H118, H63A
Hybrid Persimmon - Journey, Dar Sofieyivky
Other Persimmon - Rojo Brilliante
Apple - Pristine, Myers Royal LT, Black LT, Red Royal LT, Royal LT
Fig - Olympian
Plum - Beauty, Superior, Toka, Alderman, South Mountain Everbearing Plumcot

Misc… Longevity Spinach, Okanawa Spinach, Chives, Garlic Chives, Walking Onions

That is about enough for this year.

What New things are you adding ?


Thank you for the reminder that I should go through my garden seed drawer and figure out what needs to be started sooner than later! Mostly tomatoes in that category, but also need to get some Physalis seeds started soon, probably.

In terms of fruit, I’m adding che (a few varieties), Texas persimmon, hardy kiwi, and of course more avocados (always more of those). Also hoping to get my first fruit on a few things I added over the last couple years, like the Oregon Curlfree peach, which looks to be covered in flower buds.



Kaweah Peach
Suncrest Peach
Arctic Glo Nect.
Arctic Jay Nect
Arctic Star Nect
Fantasia Nect
Flavortop Nect
Honey Kist Nect
Liz’s Late Nect
Snow Queen Nect
Flavor Supreme Pluot
Flavor King Pluot
Dapple Dandy Pluot
Sundance Apple
Bell and Ambrosia Pears
Reuben and Karaka and Pequot Lakes blackberries
Black Bethlehem Fig
Black Greek Fig
Chiang Mai 60 Mulb

Will add the new blackberry and raspberries when they are released.

I found a massive grove of trailing blackberries Kenova WV on state property behind locked gates where woodchips and brush is hauled to in November 2023. Must be seedlings of some sort and the tale is that they are big and sweet. They have been there over a decade from what i gather so whatever they are they are cold hardy I think. I have a few tip root starts in pots that will go in the row this year. Canes resemble thorny boysen and were very spiny. I can confirm that blackberries only need woodchips to thrive and prosper… i had never seen that before and good to know going forward.


Waiting on delivery of:
Highland Pear
Seckle Pear
Nikita’s Bordeaux Persimmon
Inca Plum

Still have room for one more Rubus.


Purple Heart plum
Lavina plum
Reine Claude conducta plum
Opal plum

Blue Permian apple
Williams pride apple
Pristine apple
Autumn crisp
Egremont russet
Belle de Boskoop
Crimson crisp
Crunch a bunch
Sweet 16
Golden russet
Hooples antique

Maselles black VS fig
Olympian fig
Ronde de Bordeaux

Amethyst raspberry

Logan berry

Nahavo blackberry

Pink champagne currant

Sweet thing bush cherry
White gold cherry

Multi graft Asian pear

The list looks much longer when I write them all down—wow—looks like it’s going to be another very busy spring for me!


Our orchard is pretty near full up, but we’re getting Golden Spice pear, Egremont Russet and Priscilla apples, and Lee #3, Smoky and Pembina Juneberries, as well as a number of new fig varieties.


Here it is. I think that once again I’m biting off a big chunk.

Chestnut – Add some varieties
Hong Kong

Persimmon – Add one purchased tree, graft three others.
Matsumatowase-Fuyu (Scions)
H-118 / Early Jewel (Scions)
Nikita’s Gift (Scions)

Mulberry – Add a tree. Graft some branches to existing tree.
Oscar (Scions)
Silk Hope (Scions)

Apples – Replace some disappointing “feral” experiments with tried-and-true names.
Centennial Crab

Blackberry – Replace some thorny varieties with thornless.
Sweet Ark / Ponca

Plum – Add one tree, top-work another tree. Pollination.
Waneta (Scions)
Toka (Scions)

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New plantings:
Mango and Sunflower Pawpaw
Evergreen huckleberry
Red gem Goumi
Issai kiwi (last try)
Cape gooseberry

Grafts to existing plants
Carmine goumi
O Henry peach
Desert gold peach
Toka plum
Arctic star nectarine
Flavor delight aprium
Pink Pearl apple
Forget the name but another pink flesh apple
Candy Pineapple guava
Mammoth pineapple guava
Nazametz pineapple guava
Albert’s joy pineapple guava
Nikita pineapple guava
Strawberry loquat
Orange dream loquat
Coffee cake persimmon
Red silk pomegranate
Clementine mandarin
Pink variegated lemon
Centennial variegated kumquat

Rootings from cuttings
Lsu gold fig
Lots of celeste fig
Strawberry verte fig
White marseille fig
VdB figs
Pakistan mulberry
Lots of blueberries, guava and citrus (as always to give to friends)

Didn’t realize it was so many until I type it out haha and I’m sure I forgot some


Besides more cultivars of species I have already…IDK. Goumi maybe?


Last year was my year to get the vegetable/berry garden going (along with a few trees), and this year is the year to go all in on orchard/grafting trees.

Most of these are for outside unprotected, but a couple are for pots or pots/indoor.

Apple: Ashmead’s, Belle de Boskoop, Brushy Mountain Limbertwig, Calville, Egremont Russet, Esopus Spitzenberg, Golden Russet, Haralson, Honey Crisp, Karmijn de Sonnaville, Pepin Litovskii, Pepin Shafranyi, Pervenec Samarkanda, Sweet 16, Zabergau Reinette

Apricot: Canada White, HW460, Precious, Sugar Pearls

Cherry: Almaden, Kansas Sweet, Nugent, Almaz

Medlar: Delice des Vaus, Monstrueuse de Evreinoff

Peach: Feicheng Tao, Hardired Nectarine, Intrepid, Maria’s Gold Nectarine, Peregrine, PF 24-C, Polly White, Raspberry Red Nectarine, Sha Zi Zao

Pear: Butt, Fragrant Pear Korla, Fragrant Pear Xinjiang CPYR2934.000PL, Chojuro, Korean Giant, Ya Li, Bella di Giugno, Beurre Super Fin, Harrow Delight, White Doyenne

Persimmon: Kassandra (+ other hybrids + a few d. Virginiana)

Plum + Hybrids: Transparent Gage, Lavina, Bavay’s Green Gage, Early Laxton, Rosy Gage, Oullins, Ptitsin #5, Nadia, Flavor Grenade, Splash, Dapple Dandy

Pomegranate: Red Silk (basically ornamental/semi indoors – not expecting fruit ever)

Quince: Aromanataya


Wow! You’re going to be busy!

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I’m gonna add some more varieties of eastern prickly pear in hopes of getting fruit that tastes like something you’d actually want to eat. Had my first harvest this past season. Very meh. I plan to get Paradox Form, Orang-i-tang, and Plum.


There’s room for somebody to ‘breed’ better fruiting prickly pears.

gosh yes, Id love that

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I believe you’re referring to eastern prickly pears. There are many fine cultivars used for tunas in Mexico.

I ate my first one last fall because they grow everywhere here but I don’t like taking fruit from peoples yard without asking. Finally a neighbor I knew was outside while I was walking the dog so I snagged a couple. Not sure if they were in peak ripeness or not but I agree very meh. And for the trouble of removing the thorns and peeling it, I wouldn’t bother again. Didn’t know there were more desirable cultivars but it makes sense.

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I’ll be getting a few heartnut trees, two Carmine goumis, an Italian plum and a nectarine. I think I will then have just about every fruit that I want to grow. I’ve been tempted by sea buckthorn but its spreading nature and thorns just prevent me from finding a spot for them. Same with goji. Once I heard that they tasted like tomatoes that were starting to spoil, I got over them! I then tasted some dried at the co-op and they were quite tasty…decisions, decisions. I just really hate thorns. No jujubes because of that, too…and they would be perhaps not hardy here. This past fall I planted some Raspberry sundae (Bush and barrel?) that are thornless, easily maintained raspberries. I love raspberries, but refuse to deal with huge, wild canes!


My yard is just about packed. If some varieties had not shown they couldn’t retain flavor in my conditions or displayed other problems, this project might have simply moved on to how best to use and/or store what was chosen.
For this yard I hope to put a few items on branches just for samples & experience, with one or two narrow trees to be squeezed in small spaces. Wyken Pippin sounds as though its tree is very narrow, rather like Kandil Sinap (or Lombardy Poplar, which more people can visualize). Its fruit is rather small with big flavor. Sounds good to me.
Skillcult had Mere Pippin imported from England & quarantined. This apple tree is columnar, not related at all to the Wijcik Mac bud sport found in BC. Skillcult isn’t keen on its use fresh from the tree. Fine with me, I want something that keeps well & with unusual flavor profile, which Mere’s finder says is so.


I ordered a 1 gal container Cardinal Persimmon from OGW months ago… they messaged me when they shipped it… that they had to change it to a smaller one… and gave me a 10.00 credit.

It arrived today… pic above… tiny little frail thing.

I am thinking more compost for that planting hole… that baby needs to do some serious growing this year. I am sure it will… persimmons like it here.

This is my new royal medlar also from OGW. Now that is more like it size wise.



I am adding…

1-CrimsonCrisp Apple
1-FlamingFury Jumbo Peach
1-JellyBean Blueberry Bush that will be potted

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