$25 for 25 American Persimmon Seedlings

Found this on e-bay. Did not buy it myself, but they have a perfect rating.


Thanks for posting this . I ordered . So I will let you know when I get them .

I don’t trust ebay, Amazon and other sites to buy plants from. By the time you grow the plants out it is too late to make a claim. Also you have all that time and investment in.

I don’t trust buying any plants on-line. Many of the “reputable” on-line nurseries have left me feeling ripped off. And for far more money.

For that kind of price, I see very low risk. You can tell persimmon seedlings easily.

Some are better than others. Stark Bros has good and more uncommon varieties but they are small and cost like 70 dollars. I shopped at Grow Organic Peaceful Valley last year and 2 trees survived while 3 died. I did pull them up and saw the roots were white. Almost like a mold so I do wonder if it was me that had the issue trying to water too much in winter. The trees were a pretty good size though. Okios was good. Seems like my mandarin has struggled since I bought it from four winds growers but it is still alive. I am trying a few other nurseries this year. The major issues have have had is just size compared to cost online and like I said some coming diseased or just not breaking dormancy.

All of the problems I have had was bare root that had no roots. Not many left that I have not ordered from. I’m now at the point that I only order potted plants on-line.

It has been both ways with roots online. When I bought my bare root cherries from Grow Organic Peaceful Valley they sent me a couple with a massive root system and others with a small root system. The ones with the small roots did not survive so there could have been a correlation with that. I know with Grow Organic Peaceful Valley they have a 30 dollar flat rate shipping for bare root trees so they likely trim the roots to fit the box. That would explain why myself who got 5 trees from them and other who got 10 trees from them had ones that did not survive. I bought trees from online orchards at the Home Depot website and just took them back. No plant label and zero roots. On the flip side Stark Bros sells potted trees but they are also small roots but are small trees as well.

I get two bundles of bare root seedlings this spring from the Earth Day. All of them grow and alive. Two of them had dead branches, but still sent new shoots from roots.

The main issue with persimmon rootstock purchased online is hoping you get cold hardy genetics. If the trees are from the south you don’t want them to fail if you are in a colder zone.


Or you could start them from seed and have better established trees sooner. These are nice diameter 30-36" seedlings started this year. Water them good the first year, and establish the taproot where you want to grow the tree.


This seems to bring a lot of comments . I have grown some from seed but seed is hard for me to get . No local trees . I have got some from the state in the past . Did not see a way to order this early . Trying to establish some for wildlife . I have 10 ready to transplant . I found growing in the garden until about 3 foot gives better survival rate in the woods . I can graft once established in location .


I’m not a fan of bare root, but at a dollar a piece don’t see how that can go wrong. It’s worth a dollar to skip a year of effort. If I needed them I would have bought them.

You are in zone 6, coming from South Carolina hardiness could absolutely be an issue for these trees.

I have bought many trees from Florida, Texas, and west coast that have all done well. If it is hardy in your zone it should make it. To what you are saying though, any tree brought to a zone with subzero winters might have some problems.

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Good to know that southern /western trees are successful in the 6/7 area though!

Trees came yesterday . Small is what I expected . Saves me a year . I have had good luck on bare root seedlings . I bought some seedling Chickasaw plums from Georgia a few years ago . Nearly every one lived with no hardiness problems . Just sharing my experience . Just finished planting these trees in a garden row .