2nd Batch of Seedlings Arrived Today - Trees of Minnesota LLC

You know it’s great to have finished all your grafting on seedlings/rootstocks that arrived a month ago or however far back.

Today it was an extremely pleasant surprise to receive such excellent quality nursery stock from ‘Trees of Minnesota LLC’. It’s like Christmas all over again.

Now I can graft another (50) or however many and plant the rest either in containers or in the earth. It’s a win-win. The buds are just splitting - so perfect.

This is grand… I can’t but recommend Jerry Stenseng and Trees of Minnesota LLC. I paid 75 dollars for 50 Prunus americana and they are beauties.



@Litsinger Dax here has a great source for Prunus americana you could use for root stock.

Dax what do you graft on Prunus americana and why it over other rootstock?

Only because it’s a long living tree & that it accepts tons of stuff. Peaches/nectarines (I think and will know shortly), pluerries I would have to imagine… definitely pluots; Euro or Asian plums. Probably most apricots but long-term I’m not sure. It’s just a great rootstock and you can dig suckers to continue to graft and never have to buy rootstocks, again.

I will certainly learn a lot this year and next year. My problem now is lack of scionwood. My next post will be to cold climate folks for wood.


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I do appreciate it. I need to post yet but I’m not going to do it until tomorrow or the weekend.

Thank you,



Thank you for making me aware of Barkslip’s work. This is really interesting. It looks like Myro is the standard fare for both European and Asian plums from most nurseries, but I assume this is more an appeal to the lowest common denominator rather than being a truly superior solution in all cases. It appears that P. americana is definitely more cold-hardy, and might be more disease-resistant in some climates?

Thank you again for bringing me into this conversation- looks like good experimentation is going on here.



Dax, please let me know what you need. I’m done grafting for this year and still have a lot of scionwood left in the fridge (will need to check if the sticks still look good as they have been in the fridge since January).

Alright @!!! thank you, Stan.

I’ll send a message right now.