2nd type tree growing with orange tree

I just bought a property in Florida and I have a different type of tree growing with my orange tree? I would guess it’s a root stock and I should cut the none fruiting thorny tall tree down?

Could anyone tell me what type of orange tree it is? It pills real easy, seedless and is not that acidic.


Looks like some kind of mandarin or a tangerine, maybe? Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will be able to narrow the variety down for you.

Regarding the other part of the tree, it looks like it sprouted/suckered from the rootstock that the orange is grafted onto (the rootstock is trifoliate orange, or at least a hybrid of trifoliate orange - you can tell by the 3 leaflets per leaf). The rootstock part with the trifoliate leaves should be cut off as it’s sapping the energy from the scion (the part grafted onto it that produces the desirable fruits)

Looks like despite the rootstock wanting to take over, it’s a fairly productive tree! Good luck with it


Totally agree with @bopcrane


Thanks, I thought it might be a Clementine but have to idea. I’ve been eating oranges for the last month even when the peel was somewhat green and still have a month of oranges to go if I have to guess since most are still hard to the touch. I’ve never pick an orange before, I’ve been picking them when they get on the softer side.


Also looks like a clementine. Does smell like a mandarin?

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Looks like a trifoliate Orange rootstock taking over. Does that part of the tree lose it’s leaves?

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Not really sure since I usually don’t eat oranges or mandarin. That going to be changing now.

If you mean does it lose it’s leaves during the winter I’m not sure since I just moved into the home last month. It’s full of leaves and thorns as of now.

The other part is definitely a rootstock. Remove it and any suckers that it will push in the future.