30 year old Eureka lemon tree -- transplant?

So…this Eureka lemon tree (in the foreground) is at least 30 years old, probably even older. It is only a few feet tall. Obviously it is not successful in its present location under a redwood. It does have one large green leaf on the main stem, so it is not entirely dead.

I think I’d like to transplant it. It could go either go into a 20-25 gallon container on a sunny patio or into the ground. Can you grow a Eureka lemon in a container? I don’t have room for a huge lemon tree - could I keep it 6 feet tall with pruning in the ground?

Is it worth trying to salvage? It does have thorns. Is there a new improved Eureka without thorns?

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Dig it up and move it. If you take a close up picture at night with a flash you will light up the tree but not the ivy which id farther away


5’ Lisbon lemon (parent of Eureka) in 100g Tupperware trough. Lemons hang on for months! Lights, plastic covering, and water jugs (zone 8b) to protect from freezing. A few years after planting, I started to see chlorosis in leaves. I upped iron, manganese, copper, and zinc tree with citrus fert and did a soil test to make sure. Everything now within range and tree is happy.


I will remember this

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Are you sure it is a Eureka and not a Lisbon? Lisbon have thorns but Eureka is supposed to be nearly thornless.

This is just my opinion, but I would not try to salvage it, especially if you plan to grow it in a container. You don’t have any idea what kind of rootstock it is on (which would control the ultimate size), and you’re assuming that the only reason it is so puny after 30 years is that it is too close to the Redwood. But there could be something else wrong with it, such as a virus.

If you want to grow a lemon tree in a pot, the new-ish Variegated Eureka is very ornamental, and the lemons taste just like regular Eureka. Both the foliage and the fruit are variegated with cream and pink. You can get it on a dwarf rootstock so it doesn’t outgrow your container.

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Pot it up you have nothing to lose. The pot will dwarf the plant no matter the rootstock.


Oh yeah – the rootstock could be non-dwarfing…hmm. I would love to grow a variegated Eureka lemon! Do you know where I could get a cutting or scion? Can’t afford to buy a tree right now…