39th parallel very rare pears

Like many of you i got some ultra rare pears this year from @39thparallel . These pears are so rare i have my doubts anyone has ever heard of them. Let me know if you know anything about them
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Are they new this year? I don’t even see them listed on their website.

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Clark, what is the uniqueness about them?

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Literally i know nothing about them yet. I think @39thparallel is still growing them and other ultra rare pears in limited numbers. It will be awhile until i know anything about them. I grow others like Treasure and i think saint Nicolas. These pears are so rare i’m not sure if anyone else has all of them. He gets them here and there from other growers. He grows lots of variety. The pears and other ultra rare fruits i grow he collects scion wood from and offers those in his nursery. There are more types of pears here at my property than anyone needs or most want. I’m growing them always looking for that special pear that does really well here.