3rd Year Anniversary Already


This forum was born Feb 10, 2015 when Scott Smith created it.

Usually, I’d wait for MuddyMess to remind us it’s an anniversary time. Since she has not been around for quite some time. I forgot about it until today, Feb 12!!!

Growingfruit is now 3 years and two days old.

Special thank you to @scottfsmith, the founder, and thank you very much to all the admins.

Happy 3rd Anniversary.


We need a button for shooting stars or something!!!


Time flies when you are having fun. Really doesnt seem like it can be 3yrs already.


Hopefully tech savvy guys and gals will make it happen for us.




Thank you, Dan.

@k8tpayaso, fireworks will do :grin:


This is a great site. The creator is obviously doing for the love of the fruit and didn’t fall victim to advertising to generate a buck. Thank you for that and when you need funds I’ll be glad to support. Also the people on the forum are good about not getting into politics and other off subjects. Thank ya’ll for that. Lastly everyone has a great willingness to help and has a kind attitude. Maybe this just comes with the territory, fruit growers". I’m reminded of a lady that marveled at all the trees I planted. She said “You must have s strong belief of the future”. I guess that is just the way we are.



This site is so much better than the old garden web site.

And speaking of Muddy mess. I hope everything is alright with her. I miss her posts. Haven’t seen Patty post in a while either. Hope she’s doing well too.


this is a great place to learn and share.thanks Scott for creating such wonderful community


3 years is a good start…There’s one other forum I frequent that I’ve been a member of for 15 years…most don’t last that long, but I’m sure this one will!! It’s one of the nicest groups of people I’ve met on the interwebs…


Yes, a wonderful and pleasant place to interact with other crazy growers. It is such a comfort to me to find people as interested in growing ‘stuff’ as I am, and who’ve already done what I’m struggling to do. So nice to read the posts here.
And I must confess I share Scott’s and others disdain for advertizing pop ups. So glad not to have to endure them here.


I suspect many of regular posters are still frozen for the winter in the great white north.


I’m so happy to be a part of the growingfruit.org family. I’ve made a lot of new friends and learned a lot of things in the past year and change. Scott you’ve done an outstanding job with the site and I can only see it getting better.


Yep, I spend wayyyy too much time on this site! Over winter it is fruit-growing vicariously. (I think that is the word.) Thanks, Scott. And yes, we are still quite frozen. Subzero nights for the past couple weeks solid yet.


Great site! People who love to grow fruit/plants are usually pretty nice, IMHO


I spend as much time here as the several other sights I frequent combined. Just a Very nice place, Great people and a veritable wealth of knowledge…Thank you all for being here and having never been condescending to those such as myself with little or no experience at this…I have seen from here you can just go ahead and try it! If it doesn’t work? Try something else…I love it!


Happy Anniversary!


I’ve been here a little over a year now and enjoy it quit a bit.

Bacon & Apples for everyone.


Happy 3 years Anniversary!


Actually, it was the 4th Anniversary this past February, Time did fly :smile: