4-Gallon Sprayer

@Ahmad look into Tee Jet nozzles, they come in various spray angles and droplet sizes.


@Oregon_Fruit_Grow Which Tee Jet nozzle do you use?

I’ve mostly used red nozzle and tried the yellow, takes whole lot of trigger control to ensure not to dump the tank quick. I am planning on using green this year.

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I ordered an adapter for my FlowZone sprayer that allows me to use TeeJet nozzles on it. The adapter have a free TeeJet nozzle with it, I think a red one. After some reading on TeeJet website I want to try the one at the link below (rated very good to excellent for fungicide and insecticide spraying) and produce s the smallest droplet size. I will wait till I try the one that comes with the adapter first.

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This only works above 50PSI? I think old Flowzone cyclone model maxes out at 40 or 50 PSI.

My FlowZone goes up to 115 psi, see below:

I also think the Amazon description is wrong, it works with as little as 15 psi, see this link:

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