4-Gallon Sprayer

Now that I have 23 trees, more than half of them are 8’+ high, I think I need a bigger sprayer than the manual pressure, 1-gal one that I have. I am thinking of getting a battery operated one, which seems to add ~$100 to the price, but I feel its worth it. Any recommendations?

I saw a brand online called My 4 Sons with good reviews; any one tried this?

I’ve been happy with my battery cart sprayer https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200518864_200518864

I did have to replace the battery this year, which I think is pretty common

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I like that, Lois. What did it cost to replace the battery?

I have one tip and that’s to remove the wand every winter and bring it indoors if you live where winters are cold, otherwise they crack over winter, and you have to buy a new one every year.


About $20 for new battery, tho I’ve seen it online for more like $12. It lasted several years. They Say not to let it drain down, which I might have done.

I like it cause you don’t have to haul it around like a hand or backpack sprayer, and it makes fast work of the job for people with just a few dozen trees and no need for a tractor.

If you’ve got a Rural King near you, they have a nice 9-gallon powered sprayer that’ll mount to an ATV or mower; and it’s only $50.

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I have a Chapin 20V 4 gallon sprayer that I love. It does everything I need it to do with no pumping. Its only flaw is the 20v battery must be kept on charge when not in use. If the battery goes to zero charge it will not recharge. They have a new 24 Volt Chapin sprayer that hopefully fixes that issue.

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Look for something with tank agitation and a diaphragm so you can spray suspended solids.

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I am thinking to buy this one Ahmad! Just drop this in a wheelbarrow.



I saw that in the catalog today, but I can’t figure out how you transport it around the orchard

You will need a power source for this.

I had bad experience with the 9-gallon battery cart sprayer suggested above by ltilton. When it worked, it was great but the wiring kept getting loose and I had to unscrew the unit and tighten the wires 2 or 3 times while spraying. This was not fun and I had to return the unit.

I bought a Field King Max Backpack Sprayer last year and I have been happy with that but I spent about 4 hours the other day spraying the still unleafed trees. I guess that I will need about 6 hours to spray my trees once they have their leaves. So I am on the lookout for something that is more efficient.

Something like this looks like a better option but I do not want to spend $220 for a 6.5 gallons unit that I have no idea if it will work. I also do not like the idea of dragging a power cord while spraying but one may not need to drag this unit as it comes with 100’ hose.

The DRAMM Cart Sprayer with 20-gal. Tank seems like a good option but I won’t buy it for $1525. This web site offers this sprayer in two options but they do not list the price, which I do not think will be cheap.

I think by now everyone here knows I’m looking for some kind of airblast/mist sprayer but I just haven’t convinced myself to spend the $3,000 to $6,000 for it, and certainly it wouldn’t be of interest to you, Ahmad. However, I am a bit interested in this small backpack air sprayer. The Still ones are about $200 more than this one. They may be worth it, but this is so cheap I am seriously considering rolling the dice.

Keep in mind these should get better coverage and use a lot less chemicals than all the battery options listed here. Might be something to think about @ $170 and $145?



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I’ve never tried them, but the Jacto sprayers look like a good option. I use a Chapin 61900 and like it okay but would prefer something with an agitator.

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There was a guy who used to post on the forum. He bought a gas powered backpack and didn’t end up liking it. It was too heavy for him.

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I have a Jacto HD400. It works well. It is manual. I’m not sure I’d want the extra weight of a battery pack to a 3 or 4 gallon tank full.

I went with the Jacto based on the fact that it is supposed to work well will Surround. In my experience it does work just fine with Surround and powdered sulfur.

I also like that I can buy tips for it. You should also buy a wand extension so you can physically separate yourself more from the spray.

I truly appreciate your suggestion Kevin. I don’t like gas powered equipment though, because of exhaust odor, vibration and noise. I have a lawn mower, weed wacker and a leaf blower that are all gas powered, the only one that gets used is the mower. The other two are collecting dust in my garage as I have gone manual for weeds and leaves, which is more tedious but more peaceful for my mind and soul :blush:.


Is this a good 4 gallon backpack sprayer? it seems to have great reviews, and lots of assesories.

What are you using and do you like it?

It’s time to purchase one and figured it would a good idea to ask those of you who are using them.

Thanks for replying

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I have a Flowzone Cyclone sprayer that I use occasionally in my vegetable garden batteries I purchased it from DIYPest control for $229 last year which came everything (Li Battery, wand, nozzles etc, ) I bought a $30 Makita adapter this year.


I had one, it broke after two years. I don’t recommend it. Cheap quality, the nozzle that the hose connects to broke. From day one it leaked from the top if you are not careful to move slowly when it is full.


I bought this one at the beginning of this season, so far it is working well. Only disadvantage is that the spray droplet size is a little too big, so it goes through the 8 gal of spray solution rather quickly. It takes about 16 gal to spray my quarter acre (60+ trees) with this.


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I have a tow behind fimco 15 gallon sprayer for sale if you are anywhere near me.
I would let it go cheap

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