4b would like to feel like 5b

Hi everyone!:

Living la vida loca can be fun but a fruit tree capable to live in zone 4 instead of its regular zone 5 would be magical!

I would like to know if the following reasoning has any sense or would be fallacious:

A fruit trees (for the sake of conversation, a paw paw tree Campbell NC-1 supposed to be hardy to zone 5) has been grown in a pot spending spring, summer and autumn in a greenhouse and winter in a heated shed at 5 Celcius degrees for all its life up to now.

This tree is now 4 year old but looks like a 6 six old paw paw and is in very good general health. Had 6 flowers last spring for the first time.

Would you say that this particular tree is more capable to endure a zone 4 winter (with good blanket to pass the winter season) and has a reasonable chance to survive in a zone 4 environment for the rest of it’s life with or without blankets?

Thanks for your imput.


Survive in the greenhouse or out in the open?

Maybe you can play it some tropical music on the coldest nights to somehow warm the situation :slight_smile:


In the open.

I’m afraid «Living la vida loca » will not be enough…


Where are you? When you say celsius i think of canada and how they raise the zone rating so if your 4b canada you are 3b usa. From my understanding you would need to protect it from snap colds and long cold spells and probably keep it well watered during that process? Personally i think you should keep doing what has been working so far.

Living in a greenhouse is no way to harden it off for the open. Come the Polar Vortex, it won’t survive.

Also, pawpaws set their fruiting buds the year before. Too much cold over-winter and the buds will always be killed even if the tree itself manages to survive


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Now… that’s a very complete & intelligent answer to give to someone who didn’t know this fact. Thank you very much, Sir.