5.99$/ lb winter jujubes ?!

just when the identity of winter delight is being scrutinized, found this 5.99$ a pound of unusual jujus by the name of ‘winter jujubes’

foolish wisdom on our part to even buy a lb of this.

foolish because we have better-tasting cultivars, and wise because we wouldn’t have gauged where our jujus stand against a variety that is more expensive than lobster :grin:

quite promising from a business’ perspective, in fact!

at any rate, this stocky-roundish cultivar is something we don’t have, and found it similar to hj in juiciness and with the same delicate crunch, but these are somewhat larger on average, and at least as sweet. Safe to say it is better than hj.

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In farmers markets in my area Li is sold for $3/lb and GA-866 for $5/lb. For comparison, typical price for most stone fruit is $2/lb.


reasonable for ga-866 to be pricey, since it is a stingy producer, but li at 3$/lb is a bit of robbery.
there’s practically zero upkeep with most jujus, There’s no need to spray, and irrigation cost isn’t much. And with extremely long lifespans, juju trees generally won’t need to be replaced in anybody’s lifetime.

most organic growers charge higher for conventional produce because of relatively low production and labor costs/organic-pesticide costs. But with jujus, advertising it as 100% organic/pesticide free(at least here in usa) is like a beverage company saying that the bottled water they offer has zero calories :grin:
it is not false advertising, but it sure sounds ‘worthy’ of paying extra for, lol

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Have you try to crack some seeds to see if they are viable?


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I see Li’s sold at $2 for 1 lb, or $5 for 3 lb at asian market venues here.

There is a large Jujube farm in the Modesto CA area which has pest control measures.

Not yet, I’m waiting for the wet season to start here in California before sowing the seeds. No rains yet in the forecast.

if it is birds, then not too bothersome. If it is insects/fungal/bacteria-related and requiring pesticides, then that area seemed to have hoarded some rare pathogens/insects.

featured below is another jujube orchard in california(referred by jujube-sleuth @k8tpayaso) with zero pesticide input.

still pricey . Those farmers are cashing in on it, no doubt, considering the minimal cost of jujube farming.

You left out rodenticides.

They send 3 medium bobtail trucks filled to the roof with produce boxes from their farm to San Diego every week, each truck to a specific Farmers Market. Their truck is empty before the market closes. Considering the cost of transportation along with laborers and sales people at each market, I believe $2 / lb. is a fair price.

i see now-- squirrels and 'munks.