50 liter pots - what can I grow?

I have a few 50 L pots. What can I grow that’s still going to taste good? Full sun all day, hot humid days from now till October. We’ve got some tomatoes and cucumbers.
I’ve given up on corn and watermelon in our main garden due to unavoidable animal pests. They would be safe in pots. Never grown potatoes (although it may be too late to start this year). Are these a bad idea for pots?
Anything else?


potatoes work ok in pots.

Our garden club did potatoes in one (fabric) pot and jerusalem artichokes in another (fabric) pot to compare the productivity of each. Biggest problem with JA’s was that the pots were very top-heavy

I don’t even have my tomatoes, peppers or potatoes in the ground yet (day of last historic frost is still a few days ago) so I wouldn’t worry about your short season…


Figs, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, beans, broccoli, napa cabbage, carrots, cucumbers. Depending on how deep they are. So many veggies and some fruit. I grow many things in 5-10g containers. 50liters is about 13 gallons so that’s even better.


We use a lot of carrots. Is that from seed? How long until harvest? These pots are cylinders, about 15”x15”.

Usually around 70-80 days. They have early carrots too that you can get away with around 60 days. Whatever kind you try should say on the label or package. My local nursery usually has starts ready to plant. I’ve used them with excellent results when I got going late a few times.

That’s good to know. Are baby carrots just any variety picked early? How long do those take to grow?

There are short carrot types. You can grow regular and pic the early if you need to eat them. I’ve grown them for a few years but I’m by no means an expert carrot farmer. I’ve had good results though.

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How about sweet potatoes?

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