A beautiful upper 60s degrees day to go outdoor biking and check on my trees

Things are moving along in my Z5 after the snow storm 2 weeks or so ago .

FB_IMG_1587831361408 FB_IMG_1587831370276

Tree peony about to bloom.

Pak Mulberry. Tam Kam non astringent Asian persimmons, and figs

One of the most wanted top tiers fig that I cleft grafted in February 2020 C.L.B.C.

About to plant all these guys tomorrow

Multi grafted apricot tree

Orange Beauty jujube is still dormant

Asian pear is in bloom

JT-02 Hybrid persimmon is budding out

Kasandra Hybrid persimmon is not too far behind JT-02

Rossyanka Hybrid persimmon is budding out also.

EarliGlo and Jewel Strawberries

Honey berries


20 Foot tall Prok American persimmon is still dormant

Cleft grafted 6 club apples crossed trials. 5 years going trial. Getting close to get an Envy apple.

My Sugarcane


How big is the pot Tam Kam is in?

Maybe 15 gallons pot and the Tam Kam is around 5 1\2 feet tall

Do you add or change potting soil at all. I have just started to grow persimmons in pots last year so there is a lot to learn re. container culture.

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No changing pot. I just added fresh grass clippings every 2 weeks when I mowed. The grass clippings degraded into the pots that is all.

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Tony, my wife went to Sam’s got some cherry tomatoes, like the ones you bought, are you saving the seeds, I did. Flavor Bombs.

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Yep. I got 15 plants going. I will plant them tomorrow plus the 10 Kumato cherry tomatoes.

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She finally found a tomato she likes a lot, me too. I am going to try to grow them too. I got some seeds saved from last year plants, mail order seeds, they were pretty good also, don’t know the name.

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Good news for those interested in growing the Che tree in Z5. I bark grafted these 2 Che trees with scions from @strudeldog 4 years or so ago onto the Osage Orange seedlings from hidden Springs nursery and potted them up and they fruited the second year with no male Che tree. I decided to trial them in ground last fall. The low temps were -12F for a few nights and no died back whatsoever and now budding out. Ok zone pushers, this is your chance to trial one. Good luck.