A chance to taste fresh Loquat for the first time

I always wanted to try a good looking yellow fruits that Mr. Clint Kept on posting called Loquat. I went to the Asian Market and there they were right by the check out counter for $4.99 per lb. I was excited and took 2 lbs. I really liked them. It reminded of a juicy apricot in texture and taste.



Some people don’t know how good they have it. I’m sure no one in that house knows that the fruit is edible!


Mmm, the fruit looks good, blemishes and all! I actually got my first taste of loquat from a tree inside the Magic Kingdom Disney park in Florida.
And that tree in the picture is fantastic! I’m still waiting for my own trees to produce fruit.

There are so many loquat trees in my neighborhood that don’t get harvested. I think people don’t realize they’re edible, let alone super tasty.

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down here you have to get while the getting is good…there is a really short window to collect the loquats or the birds and other critters get them…so many people have these trees on their properties and don’t ever collect the fruit…it makes a mess when it starts to fall…they grow really easily in our humid Florida climate, so you can’t go more than a couple of houses without seeing them. About a year ago planted a seedling that I got from a friend, haven’t done anything to it and the thing has taken off They’re fine to eat fresh, but I enjoy making loquat preserves although they are a real pain to process…messy too…

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Down here they pretty much grow wild