A different perspective in grafting

Love watching people graft who have learned completely differently from me because their approach is refreshing and it gives me lots of ideas! Perhaps everyone else grafts like this all time but if not you might enjoy some of the techniques. I had to turn down the music in some of the videos and you wont likely understand the language but if you can get past those things I suspect you may take your grating skills up a notch.


I wish I could understand the top one and the reasoning behind what he is doing. It looked like citrus he was grafting, very cool.

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It is citrus but he is using a chip or some call it patch budding technique similar to the tutorial Fruitnut posted on t-budding T-budding tutorial - #41 by BobVance. It makes a little grafting wood go a long way. Effectively you use the skin of the tree to graft with since that is the living tissue of a tree anyway it makes sense.


The 2nd video is the Z graft. I plan on trying it this year on figs and maybe peaches. Lot’s of videos on it.


Nope! But if you click on settings, select closed captions, then Korean subtitles, then English auto translate, you get help that way any way.


The Fruitmentor videos are excellent. He has a website that is in English including videos. Good articles on his website. He’s in California.


You learn something new every day, well maybe not you specifically, but I do. :slight_smile:


I do grafting fruit trees many years but i still like to view nice grafting video when i have time :).

Here you can find some of my grafting videos in this playlist, most of them have Eng subtitles.