A few bugs/features

At least I assume they are bugs, but be happy to be told otherwise…

Mostly minor things, but very repeatable. The forum code does not seem to keep track of posts that you have not seen very well. For example, when looking at the General Fruit Growing category I might see 4 or five unread/new threads. If then go and select all categories, I would expect to see those general fruit growing thread just up as well as possibly others. Nope, often the original threads up in a more selective category disappear in “all categories”. Along this same line, often just hitting the Latest button will have a similar effect, those unread thread go away (and no they haven’t just moved down in the list due to more recent ones).

Perhaps related, New will often show some number of threads in ()'s after it, however if I select the New button there are no threads there???

Not awful and I have largely learned to work around these “features”. But if @scottfsmith was doing a rebuild anytime soon, might be interesting to see of there are any fixes for these.

While we’re at it, does anyone ever have problems replying on their phone? I am on Chrome on Android and sometimes I just can’t press the reply button, and the reply window will follow me around the forum. I have to kill Chrome, and when I come back the reply will pop up and I can send it.

Never saw that happen using Android with Chrome on tablet or phone.

I am viewing on Firefox on Win10. Guess I could try Chrome.

You might try clearing your browser cache. I can’t repeat this error and don’t recall ever seeing it myself. Has anyone else seen this?

I will be doing a rebuild soon as there is a migration I need to do, probably within the next couple of weeks that will happen.

yes,I had same problem and did the same thing. I thought it was my phone on strike

If you figure out a way to repeat any bug post it here and I can file a bug report. Make sure to mention browser and operating system. If there is no way to replicate it there is no reason to file a report.

One bug I have is on my iPad with an attached keyboard the bottom part of the screen is blanked as if it needed to show a keyboard there, but it doesn’t. That one is repeatable so I should report it.

Off topic but I’m curious if you are an IT guy or have an IT background.
You do a great job of hosting the forum BTW.

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Thanks. Yes I’m a computer guy, not an expert on this web stuff but I know enough to generally keep it running.


Good thing it’s not Grace Hopper’s moth. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I tried clearing out the browser cache, and that seems to have fixed this odd behavior. Should have thought of that before. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well after a bit more use, I’ll have to modify this statement.

It does seem to work, in that when the New button at the top has some number number in ()'s, when I click on it I now see that number of new posts. However I was just browsing and at the bottom was a statement that I had 8 new posts, yet when I clicked on it, it showed none??? So something still seems to be up, but it is better than before.