A few greenhouse pictures

The greenhouse is pretty messy.

New rain gutter to keep water away from figs which have rooted outside.

Nigra mulberries have grown all I want and set big fat buds.

Goings on

Raspberries on overhead trellis have grown clear across the 32ft greenhouse

Some air layers on figs

Still have some potted things.


Looks great! Your greenhouse is always impressive, Steve. What size fabric pots are you using? And did you get rid of your grapes? I think I remember you being a big fan of summer muscat.

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I’m using 20-25 gallon size. In some cases I have 1 fig in a pot and in others 4 plants.

Yes the grapes are gone. I love the fruit and growing them. Just a matter of space and priorities.

I’m thinking of going to 100% things that don’t need chilling or bees for pollination, mainly figs.


Over the years your greenhouse has changed a lot! Many people think i have a huge yard, wish i did. Outside conditions are more stable here, so it makes sense to go that way here. If I had a greenhouse it would probably be a simple one. Maybe one day.


You could write a book.



When I look at those pictures the thing I notice most is: no squirrels, no raccoons, no birds, no possums, do deer. Heaven.


I just would probably never go in the house again :slightly_smiling_face:


No hail, no wind storms, no freezes, few diseases of tree or fruit, and few pest issues.


If you don’t grow them where on earth will you get your 30brix nectarine from.

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I hope this isn’t a rude question, but do you do this professionally or does it remain a hobby? It’s amazing! The number of people on this forum I would consider masters of growing stuff is astonishing. You guys and gals rock!

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Wow Steve, I’m surprised to hear that your best pluots are at risk for hatchet pruning (I assume the nectarines are safe?). Have you had difficulty getting good pollenation even with the bees you order or is it just too much of a hassle?

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Can you tell me where you got those pot trays from?

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I would still have outside trees. The brix is as high or higher outside when I get fruit.

Not rude at all. Thank you for the compliment…!! It’s been just a hobby but I do have a fig nursery business. I’m expanding that so at least a few things may go.

The bees do good work. It would save some work and expense. Dropping the chill cycle would save on heating and cooling. However that would probably get canceled out by heating in late winter to benefit the figs.

I need more of those. They come from ranchers who get feed supplements in large plastic tubs with lids. I’ve looked on ebay and amazon for a source. Think I’ll need to buy direct from a local rancher if I can find one.

My how things change in a couple of yrs. And next yr I have major changes planned again if I last that long…lol.

These are pictures from today.

And then there’s outside where nectarines are already blooming. It was 20 night before last.


That’s fantastic! I don’t think I could ever be that orderly. Well done sir.

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Would like to see you here forever. I have been reading your advice and comments since GW,.and planted a lot of the available “sweet” fruits you recommended. Very beautiful greenhouse.


Thank you that’s very kind…!!

This is so awesome! I keep telling myself one day I want to have similar setup.
Also thank you for your advice and those posts are really inspirational. for example: the relation between plant size, container size and available water.

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