A few pictures from my backyard orchard today

I had my camera with me out in the backyard and figured I’d share a few pics. I should do it more often because I love seeing everyone else’s pictures.

Flavor King Pluots are starting to get color

3n1 Zee sweet nugget pluot.- splash, geo pride and emerald drop…even though I thinned like crazy, splash is just loaded this year.

My boys Chester and Max who try their very best to get it the way when I’m taking pictures. They do a great job chasing the deer away 98% of the time but it’s that last 2% that can devastate an orchard.

A decent fig crop this year, even though moles feast on the roots

My sweet treat pluerry, It had hundreds of fruit this year and was a hit with everyone. Every morning I can still find 1 or 2 fruit

Arctic Jay nectarine’s are getting close. It’s one of my favorited fruits but It’s on citation rootstock and hasn’t gotten any taller than 3ft.

Tri-lite peach plum. these are dead ripe now and I gorge myself every morning on them

Freckle Face nectarine. Not ripe yet, and I can’t really give an honest evaluation on taste. It’s a large bright red fruit that birds attack and I eat them under ripe or I loose them.

Flavor Supreme, this is the first fruit tree I planted in 2009. That started it all for me in this hobby and now I have just over 100 fruit trees. It had well over 100 fruit this year, It just got it’s summer pruning the other day at 8ft tall


Beautiful orchard, Steve! And, I love your helpers :slight_smile: :dog:

Very nice! I don’t blame the wildlife, I wanna eat that stuff too! Especially the Arctic Jay…

Thanks for posting the pictures

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Simply a wonderful place to being !



What a beautiful and bountiful orchard. Thanks for sharing.

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I loved your photos and hearing you talking about how you enjoy plucking various fruits off the trees and eating them. I was literally looking at your post while eating a nectarine I picked 5 minutes ago. We’re lucky to be able to enjoy fresh fruit. Thanks for posting the photos.

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I wish ihad the space and climate you have SteveM. Of my stone fruit only cherries have ripened and my greenhouse Independence nectarine are almost ready to harvest. My other fruit are way late this year due to harsh winter and spring. Beautiful pics too

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Wow. “Someday” regarding my own trees I continue to say to myself.

I will have ‘Saturn’ peaches this year. This will be the first fruit besides a few Black Gold Cherries I’ll have eaten from my own orchard in something such as 6-years of planting fruit trees.