A good place to buy Florida Honeybells?

A couple of years ago when I was in Florida last time in February I got pretty spoiled on some fantastic citrus. Seems like it would be easy enough to just have someone ship a bushel of citrus if you knew the right people. While I was in Orlando and Kissimmee I had no problems finding great orchards but now back in Kansas I’m wondering who ships honeybells etc. fairly reasonable? I know citrus greening is a huge problem now and many acres are being lost every year to the disease / psyllid spreading the disease http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2013/12/27/257632396/time-is-running-out-to-save-floridas-oranges. Years ago I know people shipped things like oranges by bus but I’m not sure if that kind of thing is still done. I would really like some honeybells.

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My neighbor went to to Florida second week of January and brought us back some Honeybells. They are sweet but I did not care for the texture of them at all. They were all juice. They would be great if all you wanted to do was make juice but they were a mess trying to peal and eat. Once I got them pealed and sections out they were like individual juice bags that felt really gross in your mouth. A few days before my neighbor brought back the Honeybells I had purchased a bag of blood oranges at the local market that were much better. Had a nice meaty juicy texture that I require in citrus.

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I thought they were delicious. I’m pretty sure that’s what they were called when I had them in Florida.

Mine seemed overripe so that probably attributed to the texture. People rave about them. I know my neighbor brought back about 6 boxes for other folks in the neighborhood.

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I saw Honeybells on QVC of all places a few weeks ago. They were selling and shipping the oranges. You might check the QVC website, I bet you could order from there.

Found a link:

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Normally we buy our Honeybells from H&S Citrus. They have a semi come through here and stops off for about an hour. It is usually a LONG line and great fruit… HOWEVER, this year they have canceled their trip.

They were sold out by the time I went to order .

The link is inaccessible.

I took the link off. Their FB page says,

With the ongoing diseases of Canker, Greening and Postbloom Fruit Drop, the production and quantity of Florida citrus continues to decline every year. The continuance of warm weather, and lack of the much-needed colder temperatures, prohibits the tree from going dormant, therefore the tree sets numerous “off blooms” (large, dry and inedible fruit), which results in less fruit that we are able to use–it has to be thrown out–but we are obligated to pay the grower for it when it is harvested.

The acid is low again this year. It is the ratio of acid to brix (sugar content) that not only gives the citrus its wonderful taste of Florida Sunshine, but also contributes to the integrity of its shelf life. With low acid levels, the fruit lacks a strong flavor and is weak which causes it to decline quickly.

For these reasons, the Board has elected to not pack citrus this season, but will resume our Peach Tour in July 2017.




I’ve ordered from hales (2ed one) before and was happy (except for the insane prices but those are common these days.