A good result of bread bag bagging Shiro plums

In case anyone would ilke to know the result. I used bread bags to bags my Shiro plums in the spring. After bagging, I did not do anything else until harvesting yesterday. The plums are perfect.

I also bagged a few with sandwich bags like I did on apples. A few on individual sandwich bags cracked. None with bread bag covering cracked. Could be because of better ventuIlation be


That’s very good mamuang.Where can someone get that kind of bread bag? Brady

I will have to buy on line for next spring.

This year I got them for free from my local supermarket. I asked to buy a few from the store for my “science project”. They gave me a dozen bags for free.

I cut each in half lengthwise so I had just enough. I did not want to buy in bulk earlier this year because I did not know if it would work. Next year, I may try it on peaches and pears, too.

I would have to scan the web for the best deal.

Perfection! :heart_eyes:

Congratulations with the success of your science experiment. My Ziploc bags were torn away with the apples during the strong storm. The bread bags should stay in the strong wind.

Thanks, Mrs. G. I got about 12 lbs. from a small tree.

Antmary - Did you make a small slit in the middle of a bag? I have found that making a small slit for a stem to go through has helped a ziplock bag stay on a fruit more securely.


I really like the results you got bagging plums. Very good idea to grow them using less spray on the fruit.

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I took the above pic after I took the bread bags off and harvested them. Now that I know they are very cold hardy, precocious and possible self fruitful, I would recommend it to northern zone J.plum growers.

This year I bought a whole pack of long bread bags. I will spray and sulfur to protect against bugs and diseases and to let the plums get a bit bigger before I bag.


mamuang, what is your location, Mars :stuck_out_tongue: ? Here we still have 40 at night and 45 during the day. What is not killed with April freeze will not likely be pollinated - a week of rain right during my sour cherry bloom… :sob:

Sorry, didn’t see it was posted in August)

She’s around the universe and back from you - i.e. right in your backyard :slightly_smiling:

It is exactly 4 miles from my house to Galinas. She has been to my house and I hers.

Galinas, your North Star scionwood survived our winter well on my Danube and is blooming on that skinny scionwood :grin:

I know now) I didn’t recognize her by screen name)

I am glad to hear it :slightly_smiling:

After learning that plum curculios and oriental fruit moths finally found my fruit and laid eggs through bread bags (and organza bags), I bagged Shiro and sprayed bags with Surround.

It is a bit tough to see through Surround-covered bags. I picked several Shiro today. The fully ripe ones are deep yellow. I saw a couple of bags were ripped. Could be squirrels. If I wait longer, I may not get many.

With a lot of rain, Shiro tasted very bland. I did not even bother to check brix.