A graft I haven't seen before (Hammer & chisel graft)

I just might try this one to fill in spots on the trunk. Well done, clear video. Less than 5 minutes.


Did you try it?

Nah, forgot all about it! Thanks for bringing it up again. I have a spot on a plum and on my apple where it might be a good choice.

Remind me again in the spring … :wink:

By the way, Merry Christmas!


I’d be interested in knowing if any of his grafts survived. All he showed in the video was a couple of grafts from 2 weeks prior.


I would not make a graft like his chisel graft on anything that is difficult to graft. Also, his wax job would never work on walnut or pecan. They have to be sealed, not just covered over.

This is similar to the inlay side graft I use for black walnut. I cut out a strip 2 inches long and make a similar wedge on the end of the scion to push down under the bottom bark flap. It takes a sharp sheep foot blade to do the job.



My first attempt at black walnut grafts all failed this year. What do you use to seal your grafts and do you have pictures of your grafting method?

I’ll make a video and post it sometime in the next couple of months.