A landscape contest with pictures of fruit trees I manage

These are some pretty nice pictures, including one with a good view of about a 150 year old Winesap. Puts out really nice apples. Didn’t quite get the annual shoots above the roof so well- hard to get to. If I’d known she was going to have this picture taken I would have managed it.

Feel free to vote for your favorite design.


A really lovely landscape, especially with the beautiful trees. Nice job Alan! Do you tend the espalier against the house too?

Love the terrace and nature landscape design.

If you like it , give her your vote.

Sometimes I tend the espalier, but I’ve told her what to do and now mostly she does it. She doesn’t touch any of her free standing orchard trees and she’s had me plant quite a few on her beautiful property. It’s her home but she uses it to get other work.

One of these days I will put together some kind of portfolio of the orchards-estates I work at. It is unbelievable the beauty of some of the places. Hers is one of my favorites but there are others equal to it and of larger scale.

Leslie got my vote.

I have already done that

A beautiful place to ponder your days away! I love it. And I voted!


Alan, I’m sure the work you do can be difficult in many ways, and that sometimes there is high pressure and unpleasant weather conditions. But when your work is done in environments that are beautiful and serene, that’s a perk. I hope you have pride when you soak it in, knowing that you have a hand in creating and maintaining the atmosphere.

Muddy, thanks for the compliment included within your paragraph. Actually my job is probably less stressful than growing food for money. When my clients get crop, they are very happy, when they don’t they are unhappy, but they still pay me and most appreciate the fact that I work hard to assure an enjoyable crop most years.

Essentially, I’m in a kind of entertainment business. It is not heroic work but it is satisfying, and at the end of the day I feel I’ve contributed something positive to people’s lives. My offices tend to be spacious with excellent views. Lousy air conditioning lately, though.

Help, Leslie is falling behind. We cant let the Canadian sequence of lovely rectangles be victorious here. Vote for the plan that loves wild and fruit trees.

My vote tallied to 666. Somebody please vote now, I don’t like that number.