A new red fleshed nectarine

French growers have bred a new red fleshed nectarine called Nectavigne. It is a cross between a peche de vigne and a nectarine (couldn’t find the name in my first search). It is sweet and tart and of good size. Would love to try it!

Nice, though I’m guessing it will be a while before it becomes available here. It may be quicker to breed your own :smile:

It reminds me a bit of the “Red Raspberry” nectarine from Raintree. Anyone grown that one?

I’m planning to create a red-flesh Nectarine, too, I will use Indian Free Peach as the pollen parent, and Flavor Top Nectarine as the seed parent.

I do have that one Bob and really like the taste.I think a few others also added the tree.Fruitnut didn’t care too much for the amount of acid in the fruit,though. Brady

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How is it from a disease standpoint? I may need to find more space…

The only thing has been a little Peach Leaf Curl,but I’m in the Pacific Northwest.Also,the tree has stayed small so far.If Nectarines grow fairly well in your area,then maybe. Brady

Thanks. In some years a few of my trees get some PLC, but not that much. I haven’t bothered with spraying for it, as the impact has been pretty minor. I was more concerned with brown rot- TangO’s gets it pretty badly for me (PF1 not much at all, Carolina Gold somewhere in between, but closer to PF1) and I’ve heard that nectarines in general are pretty susceptible. I was just wondering where on the spectrum this one is.

@Drew51 and I seem to agree that Arctic Glo is a fantastic white nectarine with lots of red pigmentation in the flesh. Super sweet and super twangy. Might not be necessary to reinvent the wheel on this one.

Arctic Glo from this past summer after I peeled back the skin:

Yes, and to address the other points, it is a vigorous tree, and the fruits are not small. It went through two of the most brutal winters in my lifetime. -16F last year, and 13 days below zero the winter before. With no dieback. Red Raspberry also sounds like a good fruit. I see Raintree also has a lot of cultivars from California Rare Fruit Growers’ Hybridizer Group. They are giving Zaiger a run for the money! Although I’m not sure how well they would do in my area?
I too have crosses with Indian Free and Arctic Glo, hoping to have a fruit that ripens between them. I think Indian Free is a clear winner too. It ripened for me October 12th and Arctic Glo August 8th. Something in-between would be nice! I saved 6 Indian Free seeds to try and germinate that are most likely crosses with Arctic Glo. Remember Indian Free is not self fertile. I did hand pollinate, but many of the fruit formed on it’s own. I didn’t pollinate every flower. Also to note Indian Free had the most fruit of any of my trees this year after the -16F. They should have all been dead. IMHO using Wilt Stop on the trees worked! My Indian Free is 4 feet tall only, 3rd leaf, it had 23 fruit, most of any. Flavor King had 5, The Spice Zee nectaplum had 7. Fruit production was limited by the extreme cold we had. Arctic Glo had 17 fruit. Both seem hardy and a cross should be excellent. Does anybody know if the fuss-less gene is dominant or recessive? Will i get peaches or nectarines?

I think if you like Red Raspberry you probably will like Arctic Glo too.

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Hoping not to be too much of a PIA but it’s Raspberry Red.

Raintree has it wrong then too. I noticed in the description as small to medium size. Arctic Glo is large to medium, another plus for that one. To me Raspberry Red, or whatever it is called is just a seedling recrossed of Indian Free. So it sounds like the fuss in dominant as they crossed twice to make a nectarine. I really don’t care if peaches or nectarines, just curious as to what my seeds are going to be.
The patent to Raspberry Red would be interesting to see what nectarine they used, as one could do that themselves if you have Indian Free.

I read it described as “melting texture”. To me that sounds like putting a positive spin on “mushy”. What do you think about the texture?

I prefer a melting flesh Peach or Nectarine when eating fresh and this one is fine by me.I’d probably not try to can the fruit,because the texture then might be too soft. Brady

I do too, Melting like Winblo is better for fresh eating. Arctic Glo and Indian Free are also melting.


Actually almost all fresh peaches are classified as melting. About the only peaches not classified as melting are some donut peaches, the stony hard peach Gloria, and cling canning peaches.

Some melting peaches have softer flesh than other melting peaches (i.e. generally later peaches have a bit firmer flesh by nature - and a tad less juicy - but they are all considered melting). Sometimes a peach will get mushy on the tree (fairly rare) but I’ve found that’s mostly a function of a combination too much rain and leaving the peach on the tree too long. Store bought peaches also get mushy when they soften (many times) but I think that’s because they are picked way too early and stored in the “kill zone” (36 to 40F).

This was the first year I harvested CA cling peaches used in commercial canneries. Those non-melting peaches did have a very rubbery texture, but also had lots of flavor and sugar.