A new Sprayer would be nice

This looks wonderful. What are you using for spraying? http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200649533_200649533


A $20 2 gallon pump up. Lol. I don’t have a lot to spray…yet ;).

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A 1 gallon pump up is as large as I need for my big work $10. I also have a small hand held pump sprayer that holds about 1/4 gallon that is used for smaller jobs. Don’t laugh, it is all I need. Bill


Have a bunch of mature trees and bushes and it’s a days work now. Maybe I will think about a back pack sprayer to make it easier. Need something with a 25’ stream for some of my full grown trees.

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Do you have a tractor Clark? Might look into one of the PTO powered 3 point units if you need pressure to go 25’. Or you can use our paint sprayer method. It would get out 25 ft with the right nozzle.

We have have this unit for spraying weeds

Its great for spraying weeds, the spray boom is especially useful for hitting a whole field. But it doesnt have the pressure out of that 12 volt pump for getting a really good through coverage 20 ft in the air IMHO.


Well, I have a two gallon pump sprayer that my neighbor gave me, and then a couple of others because we did some herbicide spraying for a friend and don’t want to use that one for anything else, and another from somewhere or 'nother; I fill the two gallon sprayer, use it, and pass it to my neighbor for his tree! With just a couple of tree I don’t need much either.


I can and do ABSOLUTELY recommend this sprayer http://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_405991_40599122 from Northern Tool.

Why? … Because I have one. It is a high pressure (150 PSI) sprayer and with that nozzle you can adjust it from almost foglike spread to a strong stream. Watch the video.

It is a little more pricey than those other 60 psi sprayers but is 1000000% worth it. It includes in-tank mixing to keep stuff in suspension.



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I didn’t see a vid, the first model on the page shows it’s no longer available but I’m assuming that 2GPM pump is getting the job done!

I’m in the same boat as clarkinks, I need something different. I have a Stihl Backpack sprayer that gets most of my stuff, but I have about three trees that are just way to big to reach the top. For those I’ve been using a 15gal tank mounted to my ATV but the pump is only 1 GPM. I called Shurflo (pump maker) and inquired as to what they would recommend for my application and the CS guy said to get an extension. I don’t really want to be traipsing around on an ATV with a big extension so I sent them an email with the question, and am hoping tomorrow I’ll get a recommendation. I basically asked them for a few pump model numbers that would get the job done.

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Does anyone use a respirator when spraying?

Yes I have a tractor. That’s a good idea. Thanks

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I don’t Ross but I have seen the big orchards use what looks like a hazmat suit.



Here is the link to their current version


They changed the pump but the nozzle is the same and it is this type of nozzle that produces the wide range of output; from 30 foot stream to an atomized mist that coats every part of the tree.

Instead of lugging it around, I put on a 100 foot hose. The output is not visibly impacted by the longer hose.


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Nice looking sprayer!

I always hope a wind gust doesn’t come up. I spray evenings or mornings. Those big trees are harder than they look.

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I like the combination of the pump with that nozzle. I think that the nozzle is the key. It allows the flexibility of a stepless transition of the spray without the need to change the spray tips. I can go from a stream to a fog using the nozzle handle mounted flow control valve.

This year with over 100 espalier trees to deal with, the 16 gallon tank just will not do. Last year I had to mix two batches and now with most of the trees approaching full size …

With the 100 foot hose I can have the tank be stationary. I have a 50 gallon plastic drum. I installed a ball valve hose bib. I will take the pump assembly off the 16 gallon tank and hook up the pump directly to the 50 gallon drum so I can spray uninterrupted without having to mix multiple batches.


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That is an impressive unit MES111. I’ve got 25’ of hose so I still have to re-position a lot, but I’ve often thought someday I’m going to get the right pump and sprayer that will allow just about what you’re doing.

My Apples sit on a sloped side hill kinda like concert goers have to set at an outdoor amphitheatre, sort of a slopping bowl so nothing about them is easy, from spraying and pruning, to harvesting. (At least my peaches and cherries are all on level ground…)

Exactly right on the spray times Clarkinks. If I don’t get started early enough even the slightest wind is a pain for me since the apples are surrounded by timber. The way the ground lays combined with the timber and fields, it seems I get swirling winds over there even when the wind is predominantly out of the same direction otherwise.

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I know this is an old thread but MES111 now that you have used your Northstar Sprayer for another 6 months still like it? How does it work with smaller quantities of fluid - say 2 to 6 gallons?



The sprayer works well. However, I think that the screen on the intake inside the tank is INADEQUATE. I definitely would NOT recommend it for any wetable powders. Even for regular miixes I wrap the intake pipe in a sock filed with aquarium filter pads.

But regardless, I think that it is overkill for 2-6 gallons. For that type of spraying I’d recommend something likre


For myself, the 16 gallon capacity proved insufficient. I started using a pressure power washer hooked up to a 30 gallon plastic barrel. See old post below


I am looking at a new sprayer as I find the one I have inadequate for my own needs.

I would like something that is capable of spraying things like Daconil and Surround without clogging the sprayer. (Most important feature.). Also looking for something that will mix the solution in the tank while I spray. (Greatly preferred, but I could do without it.). Also looking for something that can provide good coverage at least 15 feet up. Not, however, looking for a huge tank that needs to remain stationary. The max I could do would probably be a backpack sprayer with up to about 50 lbs on my back, or something I can wheel around.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks if you can help.


Most non-commercial/professional sprayers with IN-TANK agitators use a bypass valve to internally route some of the flow from the pump back into the tank to keep it mixed. This has the effect of reducing the pressure at and the flow coming out of the nozzle. DUH, not what you want when you are looking for range.

And… besides the internal flow is, to put it mildly, anemic. And the more agitation the less output pressure.

I drop a submersible aquarium pump into the tank to keep things well agitated. These pumps come in all sizes and are cheap cheap cheap and they come in all outputs.

See just a sampling below