A Peck of Blushingstar Peaches

I have tasted better flavored white fleshed peaches but I choose this one to plant for its overall performance in southeastern Virginia. It is as firm as yellow peaches so I can pick a box of tree ripe fruit and not worry about bruises. Large sized without excessive thinning. They also hang on the tree well. As you can see they color up with plenty of light reaching the fruit.

Flavor is not as low acid as many whites but I like the refreshing tang without any bitter after taste that some white peaches have. Not overly fragrant sitting on the table like some are when you walk into a room. These ripened 7 to 10 days after Winblo.


Congrats, looks and sounds like a good peach. I have that same variety, a 3 year old tree that bloomed in March and was in the process of setting fruit, but then we had a 20 degree night in mid April, so no peaches. Or pears. And just about zero apples.

How old is you tree?

This tree is 4 years old but I had them in the past. It got down to 30-32 degrees after shuck split so I lost some. I picked four boxes like that and cleaned off the tree yesterday. June bugs have gone crazy after we got 4 inches of rain in the last few days. I had to put bird netting over the tree as one peck and the June bugs were on the peaches. I forgot to add that they are slow browning so look nice served up on vanilla ice cream!

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