A peonie question- (pictures)


We have two original peonies in our yard, one red and one white, both 30+ years (or more) since they were planted, and they have spread and crossed and sometimes they do some interesting things. Here’s some pics:


Why are the interior petals of the last one so peculiar? And why do some of them have so many more petals in the blossoms than others?


The extra petaled ones are called double flowers, instead of stamens the plant has a mutation that produces more petals, there are levels from single to part double to full double. I think the curled up interior petals would be called “cactus” petals, at least they are on dahlias.

The first generation cross plants look like about a 50-50 mix between parents, the generations after that will have lots more combinations and even fun new stuff. Although, they didn’t necessarily have to cross at all, since the original plants could have been F1 generation hybrids that would produce varied seedlings even when self pollinated.


Thank you! It was expecially useful to hear about the tie-in to dahlias and also the possibility that they could be reversions for F1 hybrids- explains it very nicely.


Looks like you are having pretty good luck with them, I know it is hard to pick, but do you have any favorites?


Favorites- yes, all of them!

Seriously, sometimes the beauty just overwhelms. Right now the peonies, roses, and irises are all just going full throttle, and when the light hits them we just have to stop what we’re doing to look.

These are not something I do; Mrs. nMT is the flower person. It works pretty well, as she is beautiful and I can prune and spray and move stuff …



I like peonies as well. Mine always seem to just hit full bloom and then we get a thunderstorm. The giant flower heads act like a sponge mop and with all the weight in them the wind lays them over on the ground. I always mean to give them some support but forget until it is too late.