A. plum as a peach or cherry rootstock?


Tony, how have your grafted apricots, peaches, plums, and pluots fared? Have you harvest any fruit yet? Which varieties have done the best?


Hi, I have a few different cherry plums I am trying to clone and not sure the most successful method to do this. Do they need to be grafted on to mustang or can they be air layered, or hard or softwood cuttings? I tried cuttings once but it didn’t root but I probably did it wrong. Please help, I want to save this varieties as I won’t be able to replace them.


I have had success with hardwood cuttings. All I did was stick them in the ground and got 25% takes. I’m sure if you use “real” propagation methods it would be even better. All that said though I have yet to have a single good tasting one (Kappa, Sapalta, Convoy, Gypsy). Convoy died and Kappa/Sapalta get less than 5% polinization and every fruit left got hammered by PC attacks.


I guess taste is relative, I LOVE Sapalta and have been collecting varieties ever since. Haven’t tried any others yet besides Compass, but really want to “back up” my varieties in case they die. I’ll try cuttings again as per your efforts, thanks for responding :slight_smile: Which varieties do you have?


To back up you can also just graft to other CHUMS and plums.



Anyone ever graft Indian Free on american plum?

I got a really nice little peregrine peach graft 3 yrs back as well as several plums, but this makes the third year and at least a dozen grafts of Indian Free to fail to take on wild plum…


I do have Mustang that I can use a rootstock, but I have never tried grafting before. Will it work with a simple cleft graft using dormant scions, or do you need summer wood?


Most reports that I have read indicate that many peaches are incompatible with plum rootstock, although there are exceptions. If you lack a proper rootstock for your peach perhaps air layering would give you a vigorous clone most quickly this summer.


I wonder if there is a list somewhere? I had success with Redhaven, Contender, Garnet Beauty, and Harrow Diamond on American Plum. I tried a few nectarine varieties several times with no success (Mericrest, Sunglo, Easternglo, Fantasia). I think I will be trying Redhaven as a compatibility interstem from now on. It seems to have the most compatibility with plum rootstocks.


Hah…you got it backwards though…i had indian scions, not trees.

Gonna grow some pits this yr


Tony, how about your apricots on p.a. are they still compatible?


Yup. It is growing nice and healthy.


I have Indian Free growing on a plum rootstock. It’s doing well in it’s third year.


Logan peach is growing very well in the lower canopy of an old plum tree. Grafted using Adara plum interstem (prunus cerasifera).


I have a Nadia cherry and have it grafted on a Black Tartarian and the suckers they came up under my Aprium. All are doing well. I have grafted a Sweet treat Plueery and a Montmorecy cherry onto the Nadia.


Hi Jesse…what time of year do you do this ?..it is not bud grafting correct ? I have very good success grafting apple scions and ….very poor outcome trying to bud graft my Manor chum onto another chum variety …(several other mislabeled chum trees that were supposed to be Manor…but were green inside not red)…so I have zero confidence when it comes to stonefruit . I would like to do more with apricots and hybrid plums and chums but. apparently…I don’t know what I’m doing.


I grafted in mid spring time, before a warm stretch of weather, which I think may help peach callus.


I have been grafting stone fruits of all kinds. I find it quite easy. Things that are important are to harvest scions in late winter. I coat the cut end with bees wax that is just heated enough to melt and refrigerate till buds show… I always use a caliber to measure the scion at the joint site and look for a limb the same size to graft onto. My mother tree is a Black Tartarian. I chose it as it is the largest of all the stone fruits and the longest living. I started grafting it two years ago. I havev6 varieties…mostly yellow cherries and the birds aren’t as crazy about them. Grafted two Cherry plums and several plucots. Timing of the grafts is critical. I always graft on last year’s growth with last year’s growth.


The cherry graft on Nadia is super promising, I can’t wait for the success report :slight_smile:


I’ve grafted Nadia on my Black Tartarian. Going to try and graft it on my Nectarine trees and a Dapple Dandy Plucot.