A Rare Privilege

As I walked the yard yesterday, sampling from the amazing over abundance of ripe raspberries, I was filled with a warm happiness and sense of experiencing a rare privilege. Within the span of a 24 hour day, I had been able to savor a ready abundance of ripe mangoes, straight from their trees, small yellow and pink bananas with texture and taste that my mind says bananas should taste like, guayabana, sweet, sweet, sweet and tender fresh pineapple, and sucking ripe coffee beans, while continuously drinking my fill of parcha and coco water straight from the fresh coconuts. All of this was wonderful, but not unusual on its own. That I also delighted in picking and eating plump fresh blueberries, strawberries, black berries, plums, and now raspberries within the same 24 hours amounted to an experience that I can only describe as privileged because few others have the opportunity to pick and enjoy such an array of absolutely fresh fruits that require such extremely different growing conditions.


Yes, impressive and very cool! The Carolina’s are extremely nice places. My brother lives in NC.

Yes, the Carolinas can be nice, although try as I might, I’d never ever be able to grow coconut palms here to have a steady supply of coconuts to drink. :slightly_smiling: I was picking the berries and plums at home after enjoying the abundance of fresh tropical fruit in Puerto Rico.

I haven’t stopped enjoying the tropical fruits, though. I brought all I could handle carrying back with me so that I could share at least the pleasure of eating it with others. :blush: My first stop at the airport was Ag. Inspection where I gladly handed them my heavily laden bags to inspect my fruits and many plants before bringing them home. I’d also carefully washed them all down before heading to the airport.


Muddy, I am glad you enjoyed the nice trip and all the tropical fruits. Did you get rhe chance to taste any custard apple, Caribbean cherry (West Indian cherry), and Sapodilla fruit? I am heading to Cancun and the Riviera Maya for my 25th anniversary in the middle of June. I plan to wonder out of the inclusive resort and to fine some good tasting local tropical fruits.



Tony, I did taste fruits when I was in a rain forest farm that I was unfamiliar with, and don’t remember their names,. One of them may have been the cherry. The season for most tropical fruits there runs from July into September. I think flowering time is at least partially based on dry season/wet season variations. So, it wasn’t the high season for variety. The timing for your trip is closer to prime season. Plus, you know exactly what you’re looking for!

I will say that one lament I heard was that they feel severely affected by a changed climate, especially last year, when the rainy and dry seasons were far off from their normal timing. That affected development and quality of fruits, and I was told it devastated the coffee crop.

Tony, enjoy your trip, take a lot o pictures and telll us the new fruits you tasted there

You may have posted elsewhere but which plants did you bring back? Was Montoso gardens still open? I hope you had an amazing trip!

I haven’t yet posted about the plants we brought back, but I will. It was just my 22 y.o. daughter and I traveling, with only carry on bags and no checked luggage. Two ladies with only that much luggage, traveling by air on an 8 day vacation, prepared for evenings out, the beach, foot touring, and “back country” hiking, is something I consider a surprising feat in itself. :smile:

When it came to choosing whether to mail plants or clothing home in order to avoid checking any bags for our return, I chose to carry what I valued most. The clothes arrived home via US Mail this morning. :smile:

I still need to finish potting up and planting the plants. We took care of those in most urgent need last night.

Montoso Gardens still exists! Through much effort we were eventually able to contact the owner. He is not as actively involved there as he was in the past because his work at the university experimental ag station keeps him busy. Unfortunately, it was not possible for us to fit the gardens in because the times when someone was available to show them did not mesh with the time we had available on that end of the island. However, I do have the good fortune of now having an open invitation to stay in a guest house at a remarkably beautiful place, with an amazing hostess, nearby, should I ever be able to return. :blush: It’s probably for the best that we could not make it there, as I was already carrying more than is politely acceptable onto the plane. I would either have given in to the temptation to buy more, or felt a sense of loss over having to pass by plants that I craved. As it is, I feel a sense of having been smiled on by Fortune, and receiving many blessings in what we did bring back, many of which were outright gifts.

I’ll be sure to post a list, hopefully with some pics, as soon as I am able. Yes, the trip was amazing, mixed with a good dose of stress, and a few splashes of terror.

Yikes, I hope the stress and terror were brief. Will look forward to reading more about your trip!