A smart chipmunk

I enclose my figs in Organza bags. Recently, I saw a few open and empty bags on the ground in a few places and thought I must have dropped them. When I mentioned this to my wife, she told me that she saw a chipmunk pulling a bag open and removing the fig! Since then, I have found three more empty bags on the ground, for a total of five bags. Hard to believe that, with such a small brain, they could be that smart.


Chipmunks and squirrels are pretty smart in figuring out how to get food. There was a guy who made a video showing how the squirrels in his backyard were able to figure out a obstacle course pretty quickly. They adapt very fast.


Squirrels just stick acorns in the ground while chipmunks construct very complicated underground caches of them and other nuts and seeds designed to keep them dry for long term storage. If you ever find one while digging in the ground I think you will be more impressed with that than their ability to open a bag.

We have a lot to learn about brains and intelligence.



Pack rats here seperate their foods into sorted piles. In my shed i found a large pack rat nest one year. The piles he had were not unlike those we would have. That packrat had about 10 + cherry tomatoes , about 10+ egyptian walking onion tops, and a pile of dried greens i could not identify but it was possibly giant rag weed leaves. At the time i maarveled that the food was divided into piles. By the way it stole my screw drivers because they shined. Apparently that rat needed something to gift to his beloved.


i had a pet ferret as a kid. his name was Bandit. he lived up to his name. would steal and cache food from the dog and cats under my dresser. had a thing for rubber. would pull boots down the stairs into the cellar to hide them there. when the boot started tumbling instead of letting go he would hold on. how he didnt get hurt we never knew. and the boot outweighed him by at least 3lbs. was hilarious to watch.


It sounds like you need to trap that one before it teaches it’s friends…

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Pull string bag opener might get a surprise when these strings got pulled apart Pull String Fireworks | Pull String Firecrackers


Yes. This should do something… :joy:


I haven’t read the rest of the page yet, but the thing that stands out here to me is the wife. My response would be “don’t you think that’s some information I would like to know”? AT&T Taco Party Commercial - YouTube

My family knows that I want to know if my countermeasures are being defeated.