A Tale of Two Pluots

I have 2 pluots, both planted as bare roots three years ago and topped at 18".
Pluot #1 is Flavor grenade, possibly on Citation. It is now 4’ tall and has a decent set of fruit for a small tree.

In this next photo, Flavor Grenade in in the foreground; Splash, behind it is 8 feet awat and sslightl downslope

Pluot #2 is Splash, root stock unknown. This tree and a Sweet treat Pluerry put a out tremendous amount of new growth every year, 5 feet this year alone, despite heavy pruning, I try to keep an open center, but it fills in quickly. I hate to complain about growth, but this seems excessive, and I think fruit production suffers. Is there anything I should be doing?

It’s not fertilizer, I haven’t used any in the last 5 years. Also we have just (hopefully) seen the end of a 6 year drought, during which my 30+ fruit trees got little or no supplemental water, and these two, Splash and Sweet Treat, put on especially heavy growth regardless.

Also, while on the subject of Pluots, I am seeing fruit damage on Flavor Grenade, and none on Spash. or other pluots. Looks like maybe Thrips, but although I get thrips damage on Nectatines and NectaPlum, I have never seen it on plums or pluots