A Visit with Mamuang

I had the pleasure of visiting Tippy today. Her orchard is a few towns away from mine and this was the second time she welcomed me to her home. It was a great time. She does a fantastic job with her space and uses up the land to its fullest (you can see a small portion in the background of this picture). She’s also a super generous host and shared a lot of delicious fruit, jam, and baked goods with me. In this picture I’m holding something I grow (the baby Milo!) and she’s holding one of the great peaches she grows. It was a lot of fun. Thanks @mamuang!


love! love! love!



I wished I lived near you guys! Congrats with baby Milo.



We were so happy you brought Monica and Milo. You have such a lovely family. Monica is very lovely and Milo is super cute. We had a great time. You are welcome back any time. I grow things. My husband cooks and bakes :smile:

For those who notice the height difference between Mac and me. Mac is just very tall.

@tonyOmahaz5 - wish we lived near each other, too.


What a great photo with 2 great GF members. I also see a nice watermelon in the background! Tippy, How do you manage to keep the weeds out from under your tree and not harm your watermelon vines? You must not spray weed killer? Also, my few melon vines have all just about died by now. Since you are further north I’m surprised yours seem to still be green and healthy!

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I mulch under trees. My watermelon are still green esp. the one in the front yard. We have somuch rain for so long. We asked but Mac did not think he needed watermelon so we pick one Crimson Sweet after Mac left. It was a 31.5 lbs one. We will cut it today.

Yes, it is always fun to talk fruit trees with those sharing our interest. So far, only Mac and @galina have been to my house. I’ve always enjoyed their visits,


After looking at the photo, I can’t decide which is harder to grow -baby or peaches? Both have their challenges, lol.

Great pic and sounds like a great visit. Thanks for posting.