A Yellow Plum

I hear few reviews on Yellow Plums. There must be a reason! My mirabelles are yellow and great, taste and all, however, the only yellow plum I continue to see advertise is ‘Yellow Egg’. It looks pretty, but does it taste good? Are there others that you all have tried? Please let me know Mrs. G Looking for another tree and shouldn’t! But. . .


I put in Byron Gold a year ago, so no fruit yet. It is a yellow plum bred in Byron, Ga. Supposed to be suited for the southern climate, but may do well in your area. Not sure if it would bloom too early for you, though. My tree is still small, so probably won’t get fruit until next year.

I got fruit from ‘Vermont Plum’ from St. Lawrence last year, and was impressed by the size and rich mango flavor. Late ripening(for a plum) fruit, golden with light red blush, vigourous spreading growth habit.

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Thanks Rob and Jesse. I love the idea of a ‘mango’ flavored plum. Bryon Gold looks awfully nice too. I wish we knew how it tasted? Thanks again, Mrs. G

Honey Punch pluot also has a sweet mango after-taste. It’s not available for the homegardener yet, but I what I heard from Craig from DWN is that the DWN home gardening department is lobbying it so they could release it soon.

The standard yellow Jap here is Shiro, but I don’t find it real exciting, I think there’s a yellow called Schoolhouse that gets good reviews- maybe Raintree carries it. I’m going to e-mail the owner of Plumhill Farm in Vermont (or NH) and ask him to check out this forum. I believe one of the plums he considers world class that he sent me wood of is a yellow. May get a chance to taste it this year.

Oullins is almost yellow when it’s ripe and is an outstanding early gage type- more green than yellow though. I think Cambridge gage might be more yellow or an amber yellow. Been a long time since I’ve seen that one.

Thanks weatherman and H-man! I am not that fond of Japanese plums, and I’ve never tried a pluot. You just never see a beautiful yellow plum in the markets or ‘green’ markets here. H-man wouldn’t the Oulins take a long time to fruit, as do other gages? My gages are taking forever! I just might have my first two blossom this year unless the ice just freezes everything. Mrs. G

Yellow plums and pluots with mango flavors…now that gets my attention.
This “Vermont” plum is also beautiful if the pic I found is accurate.

My ‘Vermont’ plums were touch more oblong in shape, with a pointy bottom, the color of the fruit above is similar…
Photos from warmer days in 2014…


Wonderful pictures, Jesse. More proof that a bowl of a diverse collection of plums is a site of beauty only surpassed by the smiling face of a child devouring one.

Oullins is late to mature and a magnet for aphids and leaf hoppers, which I think may be the reason it is not a reliable bearer for me. Just needs too much spray throughout the season here, but at other sites it hasn’t been such a problem. It’s also a first rate “cracker” in years of normal rain. It’s main attribute is being of exceptionally high quality for such an early E. plum.

However, mine is not on the best part of my property, being a bit late to get morning sun and early sun is so important for plums here (like tomatoes).

“Oullins is late to mature and a magnet for aphids and leaf hoppers”


Are you sure you have Oullins? Everything I’ve read indicates Oullins is early, before Rosy Gage, Castleton, Seneca.

When I planted it last year, or the year before, the Cummins guy indicated it wasn’t as good as some of the later plums, but I planted it because I wanted an early gage type.

Now Jesse, that is one ‘happy camper’ and one fabulous basket of plums! Vermont looks like what I am looking for. I wish I could find a yellow plum without a ‘blush’. The tree is beautiful too. What pics, thanks so much!

Appleseed. I do not have one pluot in my small orchard. I’ve seen them in the supermarket but they are always hard as rocks, so I’ve never bought one! Which pluot tastes like mango? Thanks! Mrs. G

Olpea, I meant late maturing (the tree itself) as opposed to precocious, responding to Mrs. G’s concern. I did not word it well. It is my earliest E. plum and is as good or better than many fine late varieties. Does depend on the season as is often the case with early varieties that can suffer here from inadequate heat or maybe inadequate solar units- conditions that tend to arrive together.

Good to know. Thanks.

mrsg…In regards to the pluot tasting like mango I was just loosely quoting weatherman’s post about Honey Punch pluot. Sure sounds enticing, doesn’t it?

I’ve bought a few pluots from the supermarket that were extraordinary, but like you say, most of the time they are rock hard.

I really should try growing a few, but thinking something like this Vermont plum may be a better choice for me. Jesse’s tree certainly looks to be producing well.

Jesse…that’s a good looking boy you have there…is he your’s? Great pics!

He’s mine and currently very proud of his new ice-fishing derby trophy he won this morning!

2 Years ago when I was even less knowledgeable than I am today, I bought a yellow plum tree at Lowes (I know…bad idea). Ever since then I’ve wondered what KIND of yellow plum it is. The label just says “GOLD PLUM”. Based on the photo, it looks like exactly what you’re looking for- pure yellow with no blush. But of course by now I have at least learned enough to know the photo may have no correlation with the actual fruit being sold (Konrad has more than proven this point!).
Anyway, I thought I’d mention it on the off chance that it could be something you’d want to look at, and also because I thought some of you might have a more accurate identity on this tree than “Gold”. BTW, the nursery that grew it was not identified as it often is on big box store trees, so I couldn’t look it up that way.
Here it is…except I am 100% sure mine is semi-dwarf and not dwarf.


if the above link doesn’t work, maybe this one will

Lowes “Gold” plum

All of the fruit trees I have ever seen, in New York at Lowe’s have come from the “Berry Family of Nurseries” out of TN.


Eric, from Plumhill farm which grows the widest inventory of plum varieties as anyone I’ve ever heard of ranks Great Yellow as one of his top plums. He says it is a Euro and a Luther Burbank creation. He seems to be the only source of it, however, and I don’t know if he sells scion wood although he traded me for some Great Yellow wood last year. Not sure if it was one of my takes or not.

I notice that Bay Laurel used to and maybe still sells Golden Nectar, but the information I’m looking at doesn’t mention if it is an E or J.

Thanks Weatherman and Appleseed for the heads up about Punch pluot. It is intriguing and the taste sounds wonderful. Jesse, that trophy outshines your plums I think! (Bet he’s happy!). Cityman,Gold Plum looks pretty perfect but I need to know about taste. I must say, H-man’s recco: of Plumhill is excellent and their varieties are excellent. I simply forgot about them. I’ll look up ‘Great Yellow’, I hope Plumhill has a review of taste and acidity as well. Thanks all for your excellent input as most people know after seeing my tree list I take your recco’s seriously; still thinking about that Pluot! Mrs. G