Abandoned old apple tree

A friend gave me some apples from some abandoned old NY apple trees. Most of the trees were sickly with small and rotted apples but a few trees had OK apples. The trees where large. He climbed up on his truck to reach them. He gave me some small green ones and then there where these healthy 4+ inch apples


That is unusual for an old tree to have such large apples. What did it taste like?

Wolf River? Just wondering due to the very large sized fruit. That is what the fruit looks like to me anyway. We had an old Wolf River in the yard where I grew up.
If the fruit is somewhat dry tasting and not very sweet it may possibly be Wolf River.

It could very well be Wolf River based on Spartan’s comment and pictures and descriptions on the internet. I only tasted one so far and it was dry and not sweet. Texture was soft similar to Macintosh but more so. The large size with disease and pest resistance also matches Wolf River.
Some online descriptions said it was sweet so perhaps under some growing conditions it would sweeter and have more juice.

Looks like a 20 ounce…it’s a popular NY state apple (in fact, it probably is a NY apple) and the ripening time is about right…especially this year.

More photos of 20 oz.

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