Abate Fetel pear reached top five…

A couple of grafts gave 6 pears for me to try out….! Guess what, it climbed to No one in my little yard. Abate Fetel, @ Tippy is a luscious tasting pear. Need to add a couple more trees.


You have a magic touch. My own tree has not set a single fruit. It bloomed profusely so it must have been a pollination issue.

What other pears do you grow that bloom at the same time?

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I had AF graft fruit for me for the first time this year. Only 2 fruits but still that was a nice surprise considering how young the graft is. Of course I never got to taste them because squirrels got to it before me. I love the classic pear look of AF and the taste of store bought AF. I can only imagine how nice home grown AF is…

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Tippy, you gave me several pieces of sionwood, tags got erased before I could hang permanently replace them. I know another one of yours has not bear yet.
Plus two Asian ones on the same tree, a total of 5.


I have 10+ varieties of pears in that vicinity, not on the same tree. My AF blooms were open a few days later than all other varieties.

The blooms’ shape was a bit different from otherpears and they did not fully open up like other pears, either. I think that made the blooms less attractive to bees. However, @Susu and your grafts set fruit. I hope mine will next year.

@mrsg47 and I are big fans of Abbe Fetel.


I love them too. Got my hands on a few Abate Fetel from Argentina I found at Whole Foods. Very sweet and delicious.

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Two grafts today. I think I saw it spelled 4 different ways in the midst of this single order, so I have my doubts that it is the original, but if it takes, I’ll give it a try nonetheless.