ABC's of starting a juicing business?

Some of us here grow A LOT of fruit. If you use a spray program, you probably get nice looking fruit that you can sell. If you don’t, you probably get ugly fruit that you could juice to make even more of a profit than you would if you were just selling nice looking fruit. I’m in the latter boat, but my issue is that I don’t know where to start!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made cold press juice before (I have a newer Omega Juicer), but not for commercial sells. I also have access to a commercial kitchen.

Does anyone have any experience with bottling juice for commercial sells?

Editing to add that fresh juice is popular in my area. One local juicer sell 1/2 gallon for $45.00. None of the juice bars in my area actually grow their own fruits and vegetables. Our farm slogan is “know your farmer”. :slightly_smiling_face:


41 years ago I helped a roadside commercial orchard (100 acres back then, much fewer in recent years) make cider (Juice). Had a big grinder, a press (like a drill press sort of) placing cruhed apples in burlap for the squeezing. Food grade plantic and ability to bottle 3 or 4 jugs manually using one person doing the bottling (that was a much younger quicker version of me).

If I recall, a gallon of fresh cider fetched about the price of a quart of honey in those days.