About Ethylene gas and storing stuff

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@marknmt … I have learned a couple of lessons the hard way. I threw out 100 lbs of carrots after storing with apples. Apples give off ethylene as they age which causes elevated terpine levels in carrots… absolutely ruins the taste.
And peaches need to be cooled to 50-60° several days before they can be stored in refrigeration. Otherwise the flesh becomes mealy.
Honeycrisp apple also needs a gradual temperature reduction(10 days) before long term cold storage to avoid bitterness.
Thanks for starting a fruit storage thread. I would like to learn more.


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I know one bad apple will spoil a dozen ?
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" The Vinegar of the wealthy "

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Listen listen folks

A nice paper bag that breaths lets the gas out

Or whAT do they SELL plastic bags elthylene builds up

I do not hAVE A answer

I guess you could have a dollar store spray bottle or a backpacker bottle
spray your strawberries down
The mold wont brown your pride , you’ll be picking of the fields of your sacrifice

I am only posting this
I guess As lesson or maybe it is all irreverant


Store vegetables in paper bags
Store vegetables in plastic bags

In fridge

I am eating dried grapes in paper (in past)
No fermenting , and ruining grapes …

God bless