About the Fruit in the Kitchen category

Storing, cooking, and drying fruit, and recipes for such all fair topics for this category.

Just wanted to say thank-you for listening to my suggestion and creating this category. Now I’m going to feel bad if no one participates, but I honestly think over time that they will. I suspect that I’m not the only one who thinks I (we) am (are) a pretty good amateur chef and I really do hope others will share recipes so we can all find new and tasty ways to use the fruit we are working so hard to produce. Whether its jelly, jams, fancy deserts, cider, juices, smoothies, or more in-depth and complicated dishes, I really hope people will post here. I’ll do my part! Thanks again.


It definitely will fill in, but later in the year.

Right mow everyone is concentrating on producing the fruit that we won’t know what to do with later.