About the Regional Chats category

Hello and welcome to the Regional Chats category! Here there are long-running threads for different regions where you can chat about local issues.

We don’t want multiple chats for the exact same region so if you already see your region please don’t make a new post here. All new topics (i.e., regions) will need to be moderator-approved to keep the numbers down.


great idea Scott. could we start one for Northern New England? maybe include eastern Quebec and western New Bruinswick?

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Cool! Can you add the upper Midwest as one?

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Excellent. Saves pouring through info that cannot help you. Perfect thanks Scott!!!

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Could we start one for SE-Pennsylvania/NJ/DE?

If you want to start a new chat just make a new topic post here in regional chats to start it. The mods will look it over to make sure it is not already covered and if approved will then appear. Some overlap is ok…

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Oops I think I had the settings wrong so there was no option to create a new post in the category. Please try now if it did not work for you. Only regulars (level 3 and higher) can make posts, which will then need mod approval.

Well nobody seems to be making them… I will start doing it.

@Travis I’d join an Upper Midwest thread!

Just saw this one that probably should be moved to this category:

I made a new post to include all of Ontario. I think it makes a bit more sense and will be more on topic if we do a new post from the start.

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