Abundance of chitted potatoes

My first post here. Hope this is allowed. A friend just gifted me with three pounds of chitted potatoes. Three different varieties not labeled. Is there a way to store them until I can set them out in March?Summerville, SC. We haven’t had a hard freeze yet!


All questions and posters are welcome here (as long as the topic is gardening of some sort).

As I see it, you’ve got already growing potatoes. How long are the chits?

At this point you have a race going on, your potatoes want to grow. They also will start to dehydrate and those growing points might die due to the fact that you aren’t able to plant yet (I didn’t look, I’m assuming you are in a zone lower than 8).

If I were in your position, I would put the potatoes into a brown paper bag and try to keep them as dark and cool (without freezing) as I could. I have a closed off canning room in my basement that I use for storing zinnia roots and other things like this. Do you have any space which meets these requirements?

I’m sure you will receive other responses and perhaps someone else has dealt with storing chitted potatoes before.



Thanks for responding Scott. The potato chits vary from tiny bumps to an inch long with multiple sprouts on the larger potatoes. I could keep them in our garage which is unheated but doesn’t freeze. This area is Zone 8. There are green potato leaves sprouting in the garden now, but I can’t believe they will survive a hard freeze. We will get a freeze at some point. Deborah from Summerville