AC sweet pomegranate

Anybody have experience with AC sweet Pom? I stopped at a local nursery today because it looked like he got his bare root trees in. While looking at the new arrivals from Dave Wilson I saw he had AC sweet poms and they are suppose to be cold hardy for my area, zone 6. I have looked them up on line but I am getting very little info about them other than the same copied description.
My first question is are they really cold hardy? I have bought “cold hardy” poms that died in spite of having winter protection.
Also and just as important is if it is a short or long season variety? I have a relatively short season here.
I will more than likely buy one but its placement in the yard is directly proportional to how suspect the proposition is.
Thanks Greg

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AC sweet is not hardy in zone 6.

I put one in a couple years ago. I’m in zone 7. It gave me a small pom the first year. That winter it got down to 4 F. Had a lot of die back, but other branches came up, but no no Poms last summer. I’ll give it a couple more years to really see what happens.

I have been wondering about this variety for a while, I saw it on Burnt Ridge’s site, I think. They’re sold out of it or I would have bought one considering it’s supposedly hardy to ~zone 6, but I can’t really find much information on it aside from the plant breeder’s name and that it is a soft seeded variety

This pom is one of my zone 6b experiments this year. It is a cutting from Fruitwood that I ordered along with a couple of other pomegranate cuttings and plugs. I have not decided whicht will be in ground and which in pots yet. My neighbor and I are discussing a butterfly zone between our two properties and I’m thinking poms may start there this year.
My rooted plug success of any sort had been poor, but these have been showing promise. The cuttings are a bit whimpy, but they are still green at about three months, so they may get potted up this month.
Other varieties in the experiment are Suhr Anor, Sirenevyi, Red Silk, & Desertnyi.

I am giving A.C. Sweet a try. As others have read on nursery websites they say it is very cold hardy. Don’t know if that is true and I can’t find much info on this cultivar either. I have a 2 foot starter plant and will keep it in a pot this year and next. I am in Texas 8A so it might survive outdoors here, but our infrequent but regular sharp cold snaps makes me skeptical. So may keep it potted and brought in for winter or will put it in ground with some sort of greenhouse like protection with a heater. If anybody has additional info on this plant, its fruit, and cold hardiness please share. I will do the same.