Acclimation-how important is it?

I’m moving from zone 5 Illinois to zone 8 Texas (north of falls) this week. I had planned to bring my small grimes Golden apple tree (which is supposed to be good for zone 8). But it has been outside in a large barrel in our weather and brought inside for the worst part of the winter. I’m wondering if taking it with me is giving it a good chance to grow and be healthy with such a zone change. (It would be in ground in Dallas).

So how important is it to plant trees well acclimated to the region? Even if the variety is supposed to do well in the area?

Well, when you think about it, all (or most of) the bare root trees we order come from a different zone. I would think the most important consideration would be if the rootstock it is on is appropriate for the area you are moving to.

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also being dormant or out of dormancy might matter.

I would think moving up zones (like you are, going from 5 to 8) would be fine.

Moving a bud braking tree from zone 8 to 5 would be likely to give you more problems i gues.

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Short answer appears to be no.

Go for it if you’ve got room and time during the moving experience.

It’ll be fine this year. Somewhat greater concern for getting sufficient chill hours next winter, although I think you’ll be OK.

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Thanks all!

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