Adams County Online Ordering Available Now

New Website is online, limited selection, free shipping when ordering 5+ trees

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… [starting gun fires]… and they’re off (to the races)!

Looks like their revamped website finally has high-resolution photographs of the fruit-- beautiful detail.

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You are being for warned that the new site is buggy! I just tried placing an order after I created an account there. While placing an order it kept telling me that my user info., credit card number or date…something was wrong when I tried. After pulling my hair out for a couple of minutes I found the bug! When checking out, under payment info it has “save this profile” checked off. Uncheck this box and your order will go through otherwise it will just keep going back saying that there is a problem!

I ordered a Flavor Grenade and a Flavor Heart for those who were wondering. :smiley:

All i want off their is Tangos II…it will cost me $56 shipped… yikes. I’ve already go an order with Bay Laurel and soon Raintree…think i’ll pass for now.

It looks like they’ve removed a lot of the info about ripening dates, bacterial spot resistance, etc. Hopefully they will get it back on there as soon as they resolve some of the issues. It looks like they’ve sold out of apricots already.

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Guess i didn’t look…but are they still doing the whole business where they send an invoice and you have to send it back??? I found that really annoying :slight_smile:

My 2016 order was done this way. I hope they can take online order directly now.

Looks like they can do online orders directly now. I paid by credit card and printed out a reciept for the order that came in my email and it doesn’t say anything about sending them anything.

When I placed my order from Adams a few weeks ago, there were hardly any peaches left. They had a few Victoria left for a late peach, but no other late peaches. They had no early peaches available. Business must be good. They are about the only large nursery with peaches serving the Northeast (with the latest varieties).

I noticed that too… They must either not have any Arctic Glo this year or very few because that one was out of stock for the last 6 weeks on their website. Raintree must get just a ton of stock because they never seem to run out.

They always send me an expensive catalog, and they are always sold out.


Just got a phone call from an Adams County Rep. around an hour ago concerning my order over the weekend. Rep. said the new website that just went online had some kinks in it and those that were the first ones to order from it had problems. I figured that if there were any problems that I’d hear from them today or tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He said that they received my order and wanted to know how I want to pay for the order, by credit card or check? Told him I supplied the c.c. info. on the website but it looks like it didn’t save my info. at all for the order and he needed it again. Must have been one of da bugs, by unchecking that box to save c.c. info to profile/account was the only way the order would go though!

He also said that the kinks have been worked out since then and the website is working fine now. They don’t submit a charge until right before they go to ship the trees out. He also said they had me scheduled for a late Apr./early May shipment. Told him that an early to mid Apr. shipment would be better but not to worry about it now. He said get a hold of them later and they would change it no problem. All is good here now. :smiley:

I’d be very cautious about supplying a caller with this info (credit card). It wouldn’t be hard for a bad guy to find your phone number, then pretend to be the from ACN.

The safer way would be to say- “OK, I will call your 800 number and supply you with the card info.” I know it sounds paranoid, but better safe than sorry.

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I placed an order for 50 apples and some peaches for 2017 because they were sold out for next year. I really like their apple trees. Even after waiting a year to get a good feathered apple tree from ACN, I’m ahead of a lower quality tree planted a year earlier. I don’t see as much difference in the quality of their peach trees and other nursery. Peach trees from Tennessee are about half ACN prices but ACN has a lot of the newer variety not available in a $5 tree

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Thanks for the advice and I am aware of the, “I’ll call you back” thing. But in this case given all the specifics and the situation I personally think that you are being a little too paranoid. In most cases they will try pose as a bank or the c.c. company. And yes, I do also know that caller ID spoofing is possible.
oh ya and I forgot to say that within a couple of mins. after getting off the phone I got another dup. invoice in my email that was exactly the same as the one I originally got from them except this time it also only says payment by credit card.