Adirondack Gold Apricot - Any Luck?

Has anyone here had any luck with the Adirondack Gold Apricot? I can only find one reference to someone actually planting it, and they said it didn’t fruit for them. I’m planting it as an experiment regardless, I was just curious if anyone else had actually had it fruit, and if they had a pollinator for it or if it is truly self-fruitful.

Unlike in the west, apricots are not reliably self-fruitful in the colder regions, so not bearing may only be a matter of cross pollination. This article suggests that the Canadian Har series is a go in Z4, but I’m not sure this is accurated. I know that Sungold and Moongold are reputedly so. They aren’t bad but not of the fine quality as are the Har series.

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