Advice for planting a small orchard

I’m looking for advice on planting out a 100x100ft piece of irrigated flat ground. Zone 8b, deep well drained black clay. I would like to focus primarily on persimmons, figs, and pears, then leave a few spots for satsuma, pawpaw, and loquats. I would like to plant in straight rows to make mowing easier, so I was thinking 7.5ft spacing on the rows and 15ft between rows and 15ft from the fence. This would let me fit 4 rows of 10 trees and leave enough space for a 5th row sometime in the future if I want to add more trees. I was also thinking I would keep the trees limbed sort of high, around 5ft to make mowing easier. Has anyone here done rows like this before? Any pitfalls I should avoid? Would you plant the trees grouped by type or alternate? I am leaning towards option 1 from my diagrams below, but I would like to hear some feedback.

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Where is south on all 3 of those setups. Bigger trees need to be behind the small trees with relation to the high noon sun.

South is bottom right corner. I think all of these trees grow to be around the same size in my experience? Figs grow much faster than the others but I think they all grow to be about 20ft trees eventually.

Put the later ripening items closer to the sun when fall comes. Some of those trees are wider than others, so some may be closer than others as well.

Common wisdom is that Pawpaws need to be as close together as possible to pollinate well - 7.5 ft apart is pretty ideal I think. And in general I would think that would be best for all types of trees that need other pollinators, so I’d think option three. Also would probably make spraying different regimens easier, if like trees are all in a row. Though since you appear to be avoiding apples and stone fruits, you might not need as much spraying.

Thanks @RedRam I’ll make sure to put the pawpaws close together but the others are self fruitful or tend to over-set in the case of pears. I was thinking it would be nice to have some space between trees of the same variety so that pests have to travel a little further to get to another host. Persimmon psyllid and Citrus leaf miners are the only major pests I have observed on any of these trees at my other locations. As you pointed out, I am selecting trees aiming for no or very little spraying on this project.

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