Advice from you citrus growers

my wife is allowing me to put another potted citrus in our south facing window over the winter months. summer it will be nice and warm in my greenhouse. was wondering what tangerine type citrus i could grow that i could keep under 5-6ft? i dont know much about citrus other than what ive eaten out of the stores here. i like tangerines, mineolas and clementines for their acidity and zing. open to any and all suggestions. also where to buy it would be great also. currently i have a kumquat and calamondin i got from TSC last spring. the calamondin is ripening 6 fruits for me right now.


Harris Citrus has fairly good prices.I bought a Xie Shan Mandarin from them and might get a couple other varieties.
Being in a container will help somewhat,with the size,plus pruning.


I’d check out McKenzie nursery and look at satsumas like Owari or Miho. These grow in weeping fashion and tolerate lower temps better. Mine fruited heavily at just 3-4 ft tall, in 5-7 gal containers. Four Winds in CA is also known for good trees.


I’m quite new to citrus, but was very happy with my Four Winds purchase a few weeks ago (one of the TDE mandarins). It was almost twice the size I had paid for and looks healthy. It’s a sample size of 1, but I recommend them based on that!

2 Likes has a New Zealand lemonade on flying dragon rootstock can find the fruit in any grocery store. I have 1 in ground.