Advice on dormant oil +/- lime sulfer

Advice on dormant oil +/- lime sulfer

So last week we got down to -32C and had 50cm snow so I am not there yet but spring is coming.

Last year I sprayed everything (but not grapes or rhubarb) in early spring 1 time with a mixture of dormant oil and lime sulphur. Everything did fine with that but I want to see if I am doing anything wrong or I could do better. I sprayed during dormancy 1 time in late March. I had no real disease issues other than the usual brutal Japanese beetles and a bit of CAR on some apples.

Are there plants I should not be spraying with this mixture? Are there things I should be spraying more than 1 time?

My plant list is below. I am in zone 4a/b.

Apple - Pristine - DR
Apple - Redfree - DR
Apple - Crimson crisp - DR
Apple - Liberty - DR
Apple - Egremont russet - H
Apple - MacFree - DR
Apple - Goldrush - DR
Apple - Enterprise - DR
Asian Pear - Hayatama
Asian Pear - Shinshiki
Asian Pear - Northbrite
Asian Pear - Kenko
Pear - Taylor Apple
Pear - Olympic
Plum - Toka
Plum - Superior
Plum - Kahinta
Plum - Black Ice
Chum - Kappa
Chum - Convoy
Chum - Sapalta
Haskasp - Tundra
Haskasp - Aurora
Haskasp - Honeybee
Haskasp - Borealis
Currant - Ben Cowan
Currant - Ben Sarek
Currant - Titania
Josta Berry
Elderberry - Wyldwood
Elderberry - Bob Gordon
Black Raspberry - ?
Purple Raspberry - Royalty
Grape - Sommerset
Grape - Reliance
Grape - Pink Pearl
Grape - Polar Green
Grape - Earliblue
Grape - Catawba
Grape - Concord seedless
Grape - Vanessa
Grape - Petite Jewel
Blueberries - Chandler
Blueberries - Northsky
Blueberries - Toro
Blueberries - Patriot
Blueberries - Pinklimonade
Blueberries - Duke
Cherry - Romeo
Cherry - Cupid
Cherry - Juliet
Cherry - Crimson Passion
Mulberry - Seedling
Plumcot - Taylors Gold
Rubarb - Victoria? (crown has been propagated in family for +80 years over 4 different moves!)
Rubarb - Strawberry Red
Heartnut - Imshu
Heartnut - Campbell CW-3
Medlar - Giant Breda
Medlar - Royal
Gooseberry - Black Velvet
Gooseberry - Tixia
Gooseberry - Poorman
Paw Paw - Seedling
Paw Paw - Campbell NC-1

I only grow two of the fruits on your list. Apples and Blueberry

I don’t normally see Blueberry sprayed with oil or lime.sulfur, so unless you have problem known to be improved by oil and lime sulfur you may be able to eliminate that spray.

I’m sure you know that oil is not normally sprayed when its freezing or predicted to freeze for 24 hours after the spray.

I don’t mix oil and lime sulfur, but its often used in Washington as as a thinning agent on apple. The oil makes it easier for the lime/sulfur to penetrate the tissue and may cause damage. I would be very careful about the timing and rates! On Apples and Peaches Oil and copper are often used together and is probably a safer combination. Copper has a reputation for russet on the apples if sprayed much after 1/4 inch green

I spray lime/sulfur on blackberry using a full face respirator and a spray suit. Many formulations are “organic” but its very caustic stuff. It can cause blindness if it gets into your eyes. It will also strip the paint off your equipment!

Thanks. Yes I avoid freezing. I wear a full body suit, mask and goggles when spraying. I think this year I will go with just the dormant oil.

i am geting a heartnut tree…what do you think i should get…cw1 or cw3?

I am afraid I can’t help. Here in zone 4 they died down to rootstock. I am getting shoots up from the “seedling?” rootstock that I am letting grow.