Aehobak recommendations?

After having a lot of difficulty growing zucchini in my area due to pest and disease pressure, I gave Tromboncino squash a try from the species Cucurbita Moschata. we love the taste and texture of the Tromboncino squash and the pest/disease resistance is excellent. we also love that it can be trellised and we find that helps production. I’m looking for some more summer squash in the Cucurbita Moschata species and stumbled across Aehobak in my googling. they don’t seem to be common seeds in America so I was wondering if anyone has had experience growing them and what suppliers you might recommend for getting some seeds.

Check out King Ka Ae on Kitazawa seed site. I also see a few places that sell seed on etsy.and a few others that are possibles.

I also see a listing on Amazon but it is very expensive.

I’ve never used this one, but the seeds are pretty cheap and they have lots in stock:

I’m trying them this year due to the same issue. I gt mine mostly from Kitazawa Seed co…

from what I could tell Kitazawa Seed Co. seemed to be the best place to get Korean Squash seeds. I got King Ka Ae - Hybrid, Teot Bat Put - Hybrid, and Early Bulam - Hybrid - Treated.