African durian!

Trafficking and establishing non-native fruit species is often frowned upon by agri departments across the globe(for good reason), but that does not mean am not willing to ‘grandfather’ them— especially if they are older than my grandfathers!

First time tasting ZANZIBAR DURIANS, Spice Tour, and Vegan Zanzibar Cooking Class! - YouTube

90-year-old Zanzibar Durian Trees at Tangawizi Spice Farm - Year of the Durian

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and below is a nascent durian orchard in costa rica, where it is virtually unheard of as the gentleman explains. Durian have long productive lives, producing high value crops, so his orchard isn’t just a promising business venture, but a legacy in-the-making
Costa Rica Durian Farm Tour - YouTube


Check out this loaded Durian tree @jujubemulberry


that is just beautiful @tonyOmahaz5 .

while i am not big about posing for pics with celebrities, have often found myself taking narcissistic selfies with celebrity-trees :wink: